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The Verge Playlist: Lush

The Verge Playlist: Lush


Remember the '90s

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Lush were a British band from 1987 to 1996. Their first full length album, Spooky, is the subject of The Classics this week. The playlist below spans their entire career, which included three albums, several EPs, a greatest hits collection, and a lot of B-sides, collected in 1996. Three songs on the playlist are covers, something Lush excelled at by making songs their own without destroying their original tone: Abba's "Hey Hey Helen," Wire's "Outdoor Miner," and Dennis Wilson's "Fallin' In Love." Enjoy.

  1. Stray
  2. Thoughtforms
  3. Sweetness and Light
  4. De-Luxe
  5. Fallin' in Love
  6. Outdoor Miner
  7. Hey Hey Helen
  8. Covert
  9. Fantasy
  10. Desire Lines
  11. Papasan
  12. Last Night
  13. Monochrome
  14. Second Sight
  15. For Love
  16. Carmen
  17. Love at First Sight
  18. Sweetie*

*Sadly, "Sweetie" isn't available on Rdio. In fact, the version on Spotify appears to be a transfer from vinyl (the only way it was ever released officially), if the record skip and fuzziness is any indication. Still, it's one of their best later songs, so I've included it.