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A 6-inch tall, 6-year-old skeleton confuses Stanford researchers and UFO conspiracists alike

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A documentary purporting to unveil outlandish UFO coverups may have one legitimate target in its sights: the skeleton of a bizarre, alien-like humanoid that was unearthed in Chile about a decade ago. A 2003 report from a Chilean newspaper confirms that something was found, but there doesn't appear to be any research in the decade that followed — at least, until the filmmakers behind Sirius became involved.

Now, two researchers from Stanford have actually taken up the task of examining the remains, and much to everyone's surprise, they told LiveScience that it was human. The creature is said to be six inches tall and have lived to between six and eight years old, but apparently no series of mutations can fully explain its diminutive form. LiveScience has all of the details on Nolan's research — but we're not ruling it out as one elaborate and creepy hoax.