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How two 'Star Trek' fans are restoring original series shuttlecraft

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The set piece for the shuttlecraft that ferried Spock, Scotty, and more than a handful of other crew members to-and-from the USS Enterprise has largely sat unused and in disrepair since the original Star Trek series ended. But two fans of the show want to see life returned to the aging Galileo shuttle set piece, and they've been working with a boat restoration company to see that it's rebuilt to the same standards that a museum would meet when restoring a relic. "It was important to preserve [Galileo] because it is a piece of not just TV history, but our space program's history," restorer Alec Peters told

The publication interviewed the two men about the importance of Star Trek and how they're going about rebuilding something with no original schematics. They're referencing plans and measurements made by fans across the internet, and if all goes well, the project should be complete in a matter of weeks. From there, the duo doesn't know what they'll do with the ship, but they'd like to see it placed where thousands of fans could come to see it.