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Guillermo del Toro's 'Crimson Peak' swaps in Tom Hiddleston for Benedict Cumberbatch

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Pacific Rim may not have lived up to its box-office ambitions this summer, but director Guillermo del Toro is already hard at work on his next film — and the villain from Thor has just joined the project. Deadline reports that Tom Hiddleston, better known as Loki from the Marvel universe, has signed up for del Toro's gothic horror film Crimson Peak. The story of a "woman who discovers that her new husband is not who he claims to be," it will also star Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim).

Hiddleston replaces Benedict Cumberbatch, who was previously set to star in the film before dropping out last month. In the wake of the change, speculation surfaced that Cumberbatch would be shooting Star Wars: Episode VII instead — a claim his representatives later denied. Of course, given the "official" statements that had been made about the actor's role in Star Trek Into Darkness it was hard to take those denials completely at face value, though the recent announcement that Cumberbatch had joined the drama The Lost City of Z could explain why he left Peak. In any case, with this latest bit of casting del Toro is getting an incredibly popular fan favorite — and an actor's who profile should only grow more prominent after the fall release of Thor: The Dark World.