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The inside story of how 'Nipplegate' went down at the 2004 Super Bowl

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NFL Fox 2048px
NFL Fox 2048px

Ten years ago, NFL halftime shows and nudity on American broadcast television collided. Pop superstar Justin Timberlake ripped part of the costume off fellow superstar Janet Jackson, an unrehearsed move that resulted in exposed flesh, some very surprised TV viewers, the term "wardrobe malfunction," and a sizable increase of new TiVo subscribers. It also led to a national debate about what could, and could not be shown on TV, as well as where the line is between art and pornography. ESPN has gathered up most of the characters involved, from the producers of the program, to then-chairman of the FCC, all of whom waded through uncharted waters of public backlash and a very angry National Football League. A decade later much has changed, but the moment remains a pivotal part of the Super Bowl's halftime history. It probably also goes without saying that there's nudity ahead.