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A look at the Jedi beard 'contractually' forced onto Mark Hamill's face

A look at the Jedi beard 'contractually' forced onto Mark Hamill's face


Hamill's son, Nathan Hamill, posted a photo from the set

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As you may be aware, there is a new Star Wars movie coming out, which will feature Mark Hamill reprising his role as Luke Skywalker. For that role, Hamill has grown an appropriately wise Jedi beard, one that is, possibly, written into his contract. "It’s really about the new generation of characters," Hamill told the BBC. "We’re just there to lend our support, and grow contractually obligated beards." Hamill was either kidding, or furiously blinking out help me in Morse code. It is unclear which.

Above, we have a new photo of the hirsute Hamill on set, posted online by his son, Nathan Hamill. But does the contract simply require him to grow the beard, or does it require him to live on set, working punishing 20-hour days until the film's completion, and only incidentally causing him to grow a beard? Again, unclear. But we do have an artist's representation of Mark Hamill in his new role, created by Verge News Editor T.C. Sottek.