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Why you need a personal laptop

Keeping work and life on one device puts your privacy at risk

SIM swapper charged in cryptocurrency theft scheme

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How to back up your iPhone with or without iCloud

LittleBigPlanet online security issues blamed for permanent server shutdown on PS3 and Vita

Stop and update your iPhone to iOS 14.8 right now

Go read this report about the horrifying leaks coming from school ransomware attacks

Judge says Apple may be ‘stretching the truth’ on Mac malware concerns

Vape receipts help DOJ nab man who allegedly botnetted thousands of passwords

ProtonMail court order leads to the arrest of French climate activist

FTC bans spyware app SpyFone, orders it to delete illegally harvested data

Logitech’s Bolt USB dongle bolsters encryption for its new wireless mice and keyboards

Apple cares about privacy, unless you work at Apple

T-Mobile CEO calls latest data breach ‘humbling,’ claims it’s committed to security

Microsoft Azure cloud vulnerability is the ‘worst you can imagine’

Hacker claims responsibility for T-Mobile attack, bashes the carrier’s security

Google and Microsoft promise billions to help bolster US cybersecurity

Check your permissions: default settings in Microsoft tool exposes 38 million user records online

Joe Biden reportedly hosting cybersecurity meeting with Tim Cook, Satya Nadella, and Andy Jassy attending

Poly Network hacker gave back more than $600 million in stolen crypto

T-Mobile’s massive data breach leaked info for 5.3 million additional customers

T-Mobile data breach exposed the personal info of more than 47 million people

The Taliban may have seized biometric data that can ID US allies in Afghanistan

Apple says collision in child-abuse hashing system is not a concern

T-Mobile says unauthorized access to its data occurred, not clear if customer info involved

Windows users can now manage their iCloud Passwords

Researcher says he found terrorist watchlist exposed online

T-Mobile investigating report of customer data breach that reportedly involves 100 million people

Facebook Messenger is adding end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls

Google bans tracking tool that sold users’ location data

A hacker stole over $600 million of crypto coins — now they might be giving it back

Norton and Avast are merging into an $8 billion antivirus empire

Google’s new Titan security key lineup won’t make you choose between USB-C and NFC