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British Army’s YouTube and Twitter accounts were hacked to promote crypto scams

Chrome password manager update will let you manually add credentials on all platforms

The seven best secure messaging apps

1Password will help you remember which ‘sign in with’ service you used

1Password now lets you securely share files and documents with just a link

Axie Infinity NFT game reopens transactions months after $625 million theft

Google says attackers worked with ISPs to deploy Hermit spyware on Android and iOS

Businesses risk ‘catastrophic financial loss’ from cyberattacks, US watchdog warns

Daycare monitoring apps are ‘dangerously insecure,’ report finds

Former Amazon employee convicted over 2019 Capital One hack

Microsoft Defender launches on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

Don’t wait to install the June Windows update — it fixes a major security bug

Apple’s Rapid Security Response will push faster updates that install on Macs without a reboot

Apple demos Safari’s ‘passkeys’ support in macOS Ventura that will help bring an end to passwords

LastPass’ mobile app offers access to your desktop vault without a master password

China-linked hackers are exploiting a new vulnerability in Microsoft Office

Hacker accesses a Verizon employee database and tries to ransom the data for $250,000

Broadcom is acquiring VMware for $61 billion

Hackers breach Zola wedding registry accounts and make fraudulent purchases

Google Chat adds warning banners to protect against phishing attacks

Canada bans Huawei equipment from 5G networks, orders removal by 2024

Justice Department pledges not to charge security researchers with hacking crimes

Costa Rican president says country is ‘at war’ with Conti ransomware group

Liveness tests used by banks to verify ID are ‘extremely vulnerable’ to deepfake attacks

Google will start distributing a security-vetted collection of open-source software libraries

Phishing attack pop-up targets MetaMask users visiting popular crypto sites

Anonymous bulletin board app Yik Yak is revealing its users’ exact locations

OpenSea is adding NFT copy detection and verification features

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How to use Edge’s tools to protect your privacy while browsing

US State Department announces $10 million bounty after Costa Rica ransomware attack

OpenSea’s official Discord compromised in a phishing attack that stole at least $18k worth of NFTs

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How to secure your phone before attending a protest