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Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT project shared a scam link, and followers lost thousands of dollars

How to protect your PC from ransomware using Windows’ built-in protection

1Password has plans to get companies to actually use one password

The IRS will soon make you use facial recognition to access your taxes online admits over $30 million stolen by hackers CEO confirms hundreds of accounts were hacked, hedges on other details

Google might’ve accidentally approved an ad for a Target gift card scam

Safari 15 bug can leak your recent browsing activity and personal identifiers

Russia’s FSB says it has taken down REvil hacker group at US request

‘Massive cyber attack’ hits Ukraine government websites as tensions with Russia escalate

The FCC proposes new data breach rules for phone companies

Google calls for new government action to protect open-source software projects

White House hosts tech summit to discuss open-source security after Log4j

Apple patches HomeKit denial-of-service bug with new iOS update

The latest phishing scam to watch out for: fraudulent QR codes on parking meters

A ransomware attack took a New Mexico jail offline, leaving inmates in lockdown

Open source developer corrupts widely-used libraries, affecting tons of projects

Victims of $200 million hack of BitMart crypto exchange still waiting to get their money back

Here’s the truth about the crypto miner that comes with Norton Antivirus

Some online accusations aren’t exactly correct, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good deal

Discord hacking is the newest threat for NFT buyers

Google is buying a company for half a billion dollars to boost cloud security

An Apple HomeKit bug can send iOS devices into a death spiral

LastPass says no passwords were compromised following breach scare

Another T-Mobile cyberattack reportedly exposed customer info and SIMs

Spyware scandal rocks Polish government

New analysis further links Pegasus spyware to Jamal Khashoggi murder

DuckDuckGo is working on a privacy-focused desktop browser

This security researcher fooled an at-home COVID-19 test using a Bluetooth hack

Meta cracks down on phishing scams that use its trademarks

Log4j is patched, but the exploits are just getting started

Comcast adds a Ring-style video doorbell to its Xfinity Home package

This ransomware may have stolen Christmas in cities, states, and companies across the US