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Decoder is a new show from The Verge about big ideas – and other problems. Verge Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel talks to a diverse cast of innovators and policy makers at the frontiers of business and technology to reveal how they’re navigating an ever-changing landscape, what keeps them up at night, and what it all means for our shared future. Subscribe here!

How Fuck You Pay Me is empowering creators

Good 4 who? How music copyright has gone too far

How Slack changed Apple’s employee culture, with Zoë Schiffer

Remote work has made organizing easier

Why the global chip shortage is making it so hard to buy a PS5

Harvard professor Willy Shih explains the existential problem affecting cars, phones, computers, and more

The quirks and features of YouTube car reviews with Doug DeMuro

Building a career on pushing buttons and seeing what happens

Meet the self-driving brains working with Volkswagen and Ford

Argo AI CEO Bryan Salesky on a new partnership with Lyft and setting realistic expectations for self-driving cars

Here’s why Apple’s new child safety features are so controversial

Encryption and consumer privacy experts break down Apple’s plan for child safety

YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan on the algorithm, monetization, and the future for creators

A peek behind the curtain at the creator economy and what’s next for YouTube Shorts

Chuck Todd on why Meet the Press can’t survive on just one platform

Personality-driven journalism applies to traditional media, too

How Blackstone became the darling of grill TikTok

An outdoor cooking company with an influencer staff and a Roku app

Can Polestar design a new kind of car company?

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath wants the freedom of an auto startup with the benefits of an established player

Juul and the business of addiction

Bloomberg’s Lauren Etter on the rise and decline of an e-cigarette upstart

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the business of Windows

Microsoft wants to make Windows 11 more flexible and open

Patreon CEO Jack Conte on why creators can’t depend on platforms

Who really owns your audience?

John Deere turned tractors into computers — what’s next?

The next generation of startups is remote

Y Combinator’s Michael Seibel on startups after the pandemic

Why Spotify’s Horacio Gutierrez thinks Apple behaves like a monopolist

Spotify’s chief legal officer on tech’s ‘ruthless bully’

Flex manufactures everything from hair dryers to the Mac Pro — what’s next?

Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi on the complicated politics of manufacturing

Ford CEO Jim Farley on building the electric F-150 — and reinventing Ford

Ford’s CEO on an upgradable, electric future

Facebook’s Oversight Board has upheld Trump’s ban — what’s next?

Facebook moderation expert Kate Klonick weighs in

How Shopify’s network of sellers can take on Amazon

Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein on competing with the tech giants during the pandemic

Amy Klobuchar is coming for the App Store tax

The senator on the future of antitrust law

How Anjali Sud stopped worrying about YouTube and reinvented Vimeo

Anjali Sud on building a profitable video business by moving from streaming to software

The best thing to do in VR is work out

Supernatural founder Chris Milk on the future of fitness

A bull and a bear on bitcoin

Professor Steve Hanke and investor Nic Carter on the two sides of the bitcoin debate

Nick Clegg doesn’t think Facebook is polarizing

Facebook’s VP of global affairs on the platform’s new changes, with Casey Newton

Poshmark’s Tracy Sun on why community is the future of retail

The robots are coming for your office

A conversation with NYT’s Kevin Roose on how robotic automation will impact our future

How Australia became the test bed for tech regulation

Atlassian CEO Scott Farquhar on the challenges of governing online companies

Twitter is reinventing itself

Kayvon Beykpour, head of consumer product, on the company’s new product plan

The 25-year-old billionaire building the future of self-driving cars

Luminar’s Austin Russell on the technology that will drive the future

This 26-year-old CEO is helping esports grow up

Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson on reinventing the industry