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Design is more than how it looks — it’s how it works. The Verge brings you the best of design from the web, the home, the software world, and architecture.

Inside the charming world of Katy Strutz’s puppets and portraitures

Acer announces new line of premium ConceptD laptops, designed for creators

LG patents a transparent foldable phone

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The famous typeface has been re-drawn for the modern era.

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Draw + Sketch

The most innovative phone cases are made in a Los Angeles shed

Most phone cases are cheap, mass-produced, and available everywhere, but Bailey Hikawa makes hers one at a time

Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet holds up a mirror to weird human behavior

Kiel Mutschelknaus’ Space Type Generators let you make hypnotic animations right from your browser

Default Filename plays YouTube videos uploaded straight from the camera without edits

The Apple Card is Apple’s thinnest and lightest status symbol ever

Ikea reveals Sonos-powered bookshelf speaker ahead of April 9th event

Moleskine’s new smart notebook vectorizes lines in Adobe Illustrator in real time

The top ten 2020 Tokyo Olympics pictograms, ranked