John Harrison's 'Clock B' sets a world record over 250 years after it was designed

Micah Singleton April 20, 2015 12:16 pm04.20.2015 39

John Harrison, one of the world's greatest clockmakers, claimed to have designed the perfect pendulum clock in the mid-18th century. Instead of being celebrated, Harrison's plans were chastised and...

John Harrison has been vindicated

Facebook building two more offices designed by famed architect Frank Gehry

Jacob Kastrenakes April 8, 2015 06:09 pm04.08.2015 7

Facebook plans to construct two additional offices nearby its latest building, and architect Frank Gehry is on board once again to design them. According to the Los Angeles Times, the two planned offices...

Tearing down nine buildings to make room for two

This adorable alarm clock reminds me of the Sony I used to love

Chris Ziegler April 14, 2015 02:52 pm04.14.2015 44

I've waxed poetic on Weird Sony in the past — the Sony I knew as a child of the ’80s and ’90s, the Sony that wasn't afraid to make really bizarre and amazing gadgets simply because it could. It wasn't just...

I mean, just look at it

For internet addicts, a gadget to help you slow down and savor

Ben Popper April 6, 2015 12:46 pm04.06.2015 13

I have many connected screens in my life, and they are all built to deliver me an endless flow of information, entertainment, and distraction. But recently I spent a little time with the EO1, the first...

"You don’t normally buy electronics for them to just sit there." Graham Hicks, product designer

Living life on the S6 Edge

Vlad Savov March 31, 2015 10:54 am03.31.2015 129

Samsung is back atop the Android throne with its new Galaxy S6. The hotly contested title for Android’s best was more open than ever last year, with credible contenders from Sony, Motorola, and HTC, but...

What can the Galaxy S6 Edge tell us about the shape of phones to come?

Customizing a smartwatch is as underwhelming as using one

Vlad Savov March 30, 2015 08:39 am03.30.2015 86

What do Motorola and Nike have in common? They both offer a wonderfully intricate design-your-own service that lets shoppers customize their next smartphone or sneakers to their personal tastes. The Moto...

Not enough options in the Moto Maker leave the Moto 360 feeling impersonal

Volvo designed a reflective spraypaint to make cycling safer at night

Lizzie Plaugic March 28, 2015 10:44 am03.28.2015 55

Volvo is turning its attention to two-wheeled safety, for the moment. The Swedish car manufacturer and UK design firm Grey London have partnered with Albedo100 to create a reflective spraypaint that's only...

Like glow-in-the-dark, but better

Enter the labyrinth: getting lost in Door into the Dark

read the feature

HTC loses its second chief designer in less than a year

Vlad Savov March 27, 2015 01:31 am03.27.2015 43

Just 11 months after HTC's longtime chief of design, Scott Croyle, was revealed to be leaving the company, one of his former allies who stepped in to fill the void has also departed. HTC has confirmed that...

HTC has a new person in charge of smartphone design to go with its new CEO

Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelter is entering production

Amar Toor March 26, 2015 06:17 am03.26.2015 30

Ikea's line of flat-pack refugee shelters are going into production, the Swedish furniture maker announced this week, after being tested among refugee families in Ethiopia, Iraq, and Lebanon. The...

"a safer place to call home." Jonathan Spampinato, Ikea Foundation

The last Japanese company has left London's iconic Piccadilly Circus billboards

Sam Byford March 25, 2015 04:10 am03.25.2015 13

TDK is no longer advertising on the giant video screens that overlook London's Piccadilly Circus, forming one of the most iconic sights in the UK's capital city. The move means that Japan now has no...

"We will continue to paint a bright future with our technologies." TDK, via billboard

Even office mice now come with a narrative of craftsmanship and care

Vlad Savov March 24, 2015 09:43 am03.24.2015 35

Precise craftsmanship. Relentless refinement. The uncompromising pursuit of perfection. It's funny how all of these high aspirations can be condensed and expressed in the simple act of sanding down a block...

Moving a pointer around a screen has never been this sophisticated

I hate that I love this Coke commercial

Vlad Savov March 22, 2015 05:48 pm03.22.2015 60

Like former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, I'm no fan of sugary drinks. This is why I find myself so conflicted over this delightful new ad campaign for Coca-Cola, produced by Ogilvy in Paris. There's...

Would be cool if carrots could get this kind of PR
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