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Design is more than how it looks — it’s how it works. The Verge brings you the best of design from the web, the home, the software world, and architecture.

A story about phones that look like onions and garlic

It’s July Fourth, and that means palm trees will be fireballs

‘User Inyerface’ teaches you about terrible modern web design by making you suffer through it

Apple CEO Tim Cook says report on tensions with Jony Ive is ‘absurd’

Ikea releases free ‘Soffa Sans’ font made of couches

also available in life-size

Play with synths in your browser with Ableton’s fun, interactive tool

The end of an era: Jony Ive’s indelible mark on Apple and tech

Dribbble’s CEO accused of suspending an artist’s account for criticizing the site’s changes

A photo history of Frog, the company that designed the original Mac

The Lightyear One is a prototype ‘solar car’ with 450 miles of range

Original USB plug wasn’t reversible because being cheap was more important

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How D’ana Nunez went from fashion show production to art directing Instagram’s Coachella house

‘Creating for yourself should always be first, before anything else.’

YouTuber proves Apple’s new Mac Pro would not actually grate cheese that great