Samsung launches website highlighting 'meaningful' design

In the midst of a major "copycat" lawsuit, Samsung has launched a site that highlights original design from the company. Emblazoned with the tagline "make it meaningful," it's described as "a platform to present influential design stories and solutions to be shared around the world." It features explainers on what design is, and how it has the power to change our lives. It includes high-level...

Watch This

Watch this: Android design head Matias Duarte explains why mobile is dead

Matias Duarte helped design the T-Mobile Sidekick, the Helio Ocean, and Palm's webOS. Now, he directs the look and feel of Google's Android operating system. He's probably not the guy you'd expect to say "mobile is dead." Those were the words that left his mouth, though, at the 2014 Accel Design Conference in San Francisco. There, Verge editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky interviewed him about his thoughts on design and where Android is headed.

If you watch the full interview below, you can not only find out what Duarte meant, but also watch him torture our fearless leader with the barest glimpse at an unannounced smartwatch running Android Wear. Also, flying castles and ponies may or may not make an appearance.

"You'll absolutely need a screen... but you'll need more than one." Matias Duarte, Google

This miniature robotic printer rolls across a sheet of paper

Would you replace your desktop printer with a tiny robot that prints by creeping across a sheet of paper? Zuta Labs, which recently launched the Pocket Printer on Kickstarter, hopes so. The Pocket Printer, fundamentally, is a robotic Ouija planchette containing an inkjet printer head. Place it on a piece of paper, and it will slowly roll across it with an omnidirectional wheel system, printing as it goes. Currently, it can sync with computers, and the team is working on an Android and iOS...


Meet the illegitimate child of Comic Sans

Comic Sans is widely considered to be a comically bad font to read and look at, and yet the font keeps popping up. Anyone inexperienced in the ways of design seems to be drawn to it as a way to express the casual, fun-loving nature of whatever...


Retrovolution: mining the past to make the future

Anders Warming doesn’t like the word “retro.” Ever since taking over as Mini’s chief of design in 2010, Warming has had to wrestle with the term’s meaning and its application to his company’s cars. Because it stems from “retrospective,” says the Danish designer, “it means you’re looking in the wrong direction.” He prefers to think of heritage instead, a concept that simultaneously acknowledges where a design comes from...


Legendary architects to redevelop iconic Pink Floyd power station

London's Battersea Power Station has appeared on the cover of a Pink Floyd album, stood in for a burned-out Gotham City warehouse in The Dark Knight, and at one point was considered as a new home for English Premier League soccer team Chelsea. It's one of Britain's most recognizable buildings, but it will soon share its site with 1,300 homes and a hotel designed by architects Frank Gehry and Norman Foster.

The architects showed their vision...

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