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Color-loving designer Karim Rashid releases collection of his own electro-pop songs

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Karim Rashid, industrial designer and apparent evangelist for the color pink, has released an electro-pop EP on iTunes. Titled Change The World, its eight tracks — three original songs and five radio edits, remixes, and instrumental versions — feature the production and vocal talents of the man Time called "the poet of plastic."

The EP's title comes from a call to arms in Rashid's own "Karimanifesto": "If human nature is to live in the past — to change the world is to change human nature." In his manifesto, Rashid, the same designer that envisioned a hotel with a dominant pink and lime green color scheme, calls for people to "release themselves" from kitsch.

The EP's title comes from Rashid's own "Karimanifesto"

Third track Love Kolor — something of a statement of fact for Karim — doesn't quite make good on that directive, the production taking cues from the Pet Shop Boys and featuring lines such as "rage against beige" sung in lilting auto-tune. The other two full tracks, Nutopia and Change the World, are more wistful, explaining the award-winning designer's process, desires, and "yearning" for a new world in a processed robot voice. Samples of all of Rashid's EP tracks are available now on iTunes, released through the designer's own label, KariMusik.