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Nike brings hands-free entry shoes to the Olympics with the Glide FlyEase

As part of the Medal Stand outfit, they’re putting a spotlight on accessibility.

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Nike Glide FlyEase Nike

The Olympics are back on this summer in Japan — despite local opposition — and athletes will of course find themselves outfitted in the lightest, slickest gear to assist in record-breaking performances. Ahead of the games, Nike has unveiled some of the apparel the US team will wear (including “Rawdacious” themed track spikes with carbon fiber plates), but you may want to keep an eye on outfits reserved for medal winners.

Nike is highlighting sustainability themes with pants and jackets that are made from 100 percent recycled material, and while the accompanying footwear is made partially from recycled materials, that’s not the only thing special about it. This year’s medal stand features Nike’s FlyEase tech, which is made for easy entry that brings comfortable athletic shoes to people who might not be able to put on other shoes.

Nike Go FlyEase
Go FlyEase
Image: Nike

The Glide FlyEase is similar to the Go FlyEase model Nike introduced earlier this year. However, instead of that shoe’s “bistable hinge,” Nike said the Glide FlyEase has a flexible heel. We haven’t seen it in action, but apparently you simply step into the shoe and it snaps back into place while an elastic cord goes over the foot for a snug fit.

Nike Glide FlyEase
Glide FlyEase

Despite glowing reviews, Nike has been criticized over the Go FlyEase launch as limited quantity releases make it hard for the people who need the shoes to get them. Putting the Glide FlyEase on the medal stand will provide another highlight of accessible sportswear that lets people know they exist, but it can only have a larger impact if you can actually get them. Nike has said there will be more opportunities to get the $120 FlyEase Go, and tells The Verge that these Glide FlyEase shoes will be released at a later date.