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Design is more than how it looks — it’s how it works. The Verge brings you the best of design from the web, the home, the software world, and architecture.

You can get a copy of Affinity Photo for 50 percent off

Adobe’s Photoshop and Fresco iPad apps get new $10 per month bundle

Stack Overflow is getting a dark mode, its most upvoted feature request ever

Dyson developed and is producing ventilators to help treat COVID-19 patients

BMW’s new flat logo is everything that’s wrong with modern logo design

Why would you make your logo harder to see?

Hyundai’s Prophecy concept looks like the baby of a Porsche and a Model 3

BMW’s electric i4 sedan finally shown off in concept form

Citroën’s tiny Ami electric car can be driven by 14-year olds for $22 a month

Polestar teases an all-electric concept sedan running Android Automotive

Perry Bible Fellowship’s Nicholas Gurewitch on making comics for the internet’s golden age

Wacom says it’s not spying on its customers, and users can opt out of data collection

Wacom tablets are sharing your app usage with Google Analytics

Teenage Engineering’s 3D printing files let you make your own Ikea speaker accessories