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Alienware’s Aurora R16 desktop is getting higher-end specs today.

While it strangely topped out at an RTX 4070 Ti at launch and no unlocked K-series CPUs, you should soon be able to nab a slimmed $3,499 prebuilt with an RTX 4090, Intel’s new Core i9-14900KF with 240mm liquid cooling, 32GB DDR5, two 1TB M.2 NVMe SSDs, and a 1000W PSU.

I like the look of these mini vertical Maingear gaming PCs.

The Revolt has a integrated handle that folds flush into the case, a pop-out headphone holder, toolless side panels, and separate cooling zones for the CPU and GPU — and the $2,099 Platinum configuration seems a solid price for a prebuilt RTX 4070 machine with i5-13600K, 32GB of DDR5 and RGB.

The highest-end configs seem overpriced, though, and what’s with the low storage capacities? BYOSSD. Hyte also sells the case by itself for $130.

The Verge
33 more Dough customers have stepped forward to accuse the company.

Last week, I told you how 42 Dough customers accused the company of stringing them along for months or years without shipping their products or issuing refunds.

Since then, 35 more customers have stepped forward — only two of which say they got satisfaction.

I have now sent Dough a partial list of order numbers that are waiting for fulfillment, with our readers’ permission. Dough owes those people as much as $50,000.

Dough doesn’t pass the smell test

Eve, the monitor and tablet company that some accuse of walking away with their money, hasn’t fixed its reputation.

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Hey PC upgraders: Intel’s new desktop chips might arrive mid-October.


Our sources indicate that Intel plans to launch the new series on October 17th, which is when the CPUs will become available for purchase, and reviews are expected to go live.

These may not be the Starfield chips you’re looking for: MSI’s big Intel leak suggests the gains are primarily in multithreaded workloads, and the game isn’t well-optimized for Intel there yet.

Framework’s barebones single-board computer now starts at just $199.

Framework sells its modular laptop motherboard a la carte to fulfill DIY desktop and cyberdeck dreams — and now, it’s selling off extra stock of these 11th Gen Intel Core models at deep discount.

You’ll also need storage, memory, and possibly ports (it’s only got four USB-C by itself). There’s also this neat transparent $39 Cooler Master case if you want to DIY an unofficial Intel NUC.

Sign me up for the GPU-on-top club.

Remember when I said the new Starfield GPU is too pretty to hide inside my PC? I wouldn’t need to with a mini-case like this! Pretty potent processors inside this PC, too. (Minisforum via VideoCardz)

Image: Minisforum via VideoCardz
Another company claiming the world’s first 32-inch 4K OLED monitor.

Even though it’s not coming till early 2024, Asus wants you to believe it’s “the chosen one.” And a 240Hz QD-OLED screen at 32 inches, with graphene cooling, USB-C, KVM and picture-in-picture certainly sounds good!

But there will be any number of 32-inch 240Hz 4K OLED monitors, and while I believe Asus more than Dough, Asus doesn’t offer an OLED burn-in warranty like Alienware, Corsair and LG do.

There’s also a curved 34-inch 240Hz 1440p WOLED coming, which I originally conflated with this one.

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AMD’s bang-for-the-buck gaming chip is so good the company will barely let you buy it.

Tom’s Hardware is spreading the good word about the Ryzen 5 5600X3D, a $229 AM4 chip so strong AMD is only selling it in limited quantities to gamers who physically visit a Micro Center store.

A little bird tells Paul Alcorn it’s not a binned 5800X3D — it was intended for full launch before “business factors” intervened. Note: if you’re not buying for games, the 5600X is currently on sale for $169 at most retailers.

The Mac Pro ends the Apple Silicon transition, but it’s just one step in a much bigger journey

Apple has completed the Mac’s move away from Intel. Now it needs to prove Mac Pro upgrades can keep up with pro users.

This palm-sized PC might contain the future of gadget cooling

Could AirJet replace the fan? Frore’s first real test is coming this year.

Spinning drives will never die as long as they have fans.

10GB/s from PCIe 5.0... but also up to 21K rotations per minute from its tiny fan. I’ll pass! More context at HotHardware.