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This palm-sized PC might contain the future of gadget cooling

Could AirJet replace the fan? Frore’s first real test is coming this year.

Spinning drives will never die as long as they have fans.

10GB/s from PCIe 5.0... but also up to 21K rotations per minute from its tiny fan. I’ll pass! More context at HotHardware.

The Verge
If your PC needs more memory, now might be the time.

Forspoken wants 24GB. Returnal originally quoted 32GB. Chrome will devour all the RAM you have in classic Ron Swanson fashion.

Luckily, memory prices have been sinking and many kits are at all-time lows. That might not last, though. I buried this info a bit too much in my Forspoken blog, so here’s a Verge Quick Post as well!

Correction, January 18th: Sony has now changed Returnal’s recommended spec to just 16GB.


Verge Score

Apple Mac Studio review: finally

This computer is a historic achievement