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Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles are bikes with a battery-powered motor that kicks in when you pedal or use a throttle. E-bike sales have been growing steadily over the years, but they still only represent a small portion of the overall bike market in the US. That’s expected to change dramatically over the next decade, with brands like VanMoof, Rad Power Bikes, and legacy bike makers like Specialized, Trek, and others introducing new and more powerful models. The Verge brings you reviews of the latest models, trend reports, and buying guides to help you find the right e-bike for your life.

Cowboy 3 electric bike review: better safe than sporty

VanMoof’s new V e-bike is its fastest ever

Fast and furious

E-bike maker Cowboy finally moseys its way to the US from Europe

Rad Power Bikes’ new RadCity e-bike makes commuting (and hill climbing) much easier

Specialized’s next-generation Turbo e-bikes are basically computers on wheels

Harley-Davidson’s stunning vintage-inspired electric bikes are going on sale

Tern GSD S10 LX electric cargo bike review: no more excuses

Revolt of the delivery workers

Exploited by apps. Attacked by thieves. Unprotected by police. New York City’s 65,000 bikers have only themselves to count on.

BMW’s e-bike concepts are motorcycles outside the city, bicycles within

The Fiido X folding e-bike: what a difference a year makes

This chainless drive system could revolutionize e-bike designs 

VanMoof raises $128M to become ‘most funded e-bike company in the world’

Best Buy is now selling electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds — in store and online

VanMoof adds manual gear shifting to S3 and X3 e-bikes

Bird’s new electric bike looks like a VanMoof, and you can buy it

The lightest folding electric bike is a costly rideable that almost does it all

Harley-Davidson’s custom electric chopper is up for auction, and I must have it

The Senate’s E-BIKE Act could make electric bikes a lot cheaper

The new RadRover is Rad Power Bikes’ first e-bike with an integrated battery

Cowboy’s excellent third-generation electric bike gets discounted to €1,990

Veloretti’s first electric bikes are automatic and gorgeous

Vintage cool and high tech as hell

Bird and Spin release new electric vehicles amid pressure to catch up to Lime


Juiced HyperScrambler 2 review: speed demon


Super73 RX review: more dirt bike than e-bike

Secretary Pete Buttigieg on the future of transportation

‘This is a major, major investment in setting America on the right path for the years ahead’

Cowboy’s improved C4 electric bike launches alongside first step-through model

Brompton electric bikes recalled by US government over unexpected acceleration bug

VanMoof’s PowerBank is a range extender and problem solver

We put a new 2021 S3 model to the test on a three-hour ride

Stromer ST2 e-bike review: too hot for Europe

Cycling legend Greg LeMond on his new e-bikes, his failed partnership with Trek, and the future of cycling

LeMond’s new e-bikes will be among the most lightweight bikes in the industry

Specialized Como SL e-bike review: mellow yellow

A fun lightweight commuter from the maker of the Turbo Vado

Gocycle’s folding G4 e-bikes promise more power and less noise