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Google’s Pixel 5 was the last of its kind

Google’s Pixel Watch will reportedly have an Apple-like range of straps

It’s okay if the Pixel Watch only manages a day of battery life

Google’s ‘premium’ Pixel Tablet sure doesn’t look very premium

This is Google’s 2023 iPad competitor?

Adding physical buttons to Fitbit’s next-gen devices is a smart idea

‘Tone-deaf’ Samsung ad is a reminder that smartwatch safety still has a ways to go

Samsung getting rid of the rotating bezel would be a stupid, stupid, stupid idea

Why we can’t record mobile phone calls — and why we should be able to

Obama’s plans to fight disinformation are better than most

The Pixel Watch puzzle pieces are falling into place

How Elon Musk got everything he wanted out of Twitter

What Elon Musk could mean for Twitter

The real magic mouse is made by Logitech, not Apple

And it hasn’t changed since 2017

I’m done with Wyze

Intel looks on track to fix its core problems

There’s something off about ApeCoin

Please don’t kill the iPhone Mini

I’m asking nicely, Apple

‘Pro’ has lost all meaning, and Apple knows it

Apple’s targeting the Mac Studio at creatives — the same people it targets with its ‘Pro’ products

Apple’s chips are on the table

The shape of Apple’s silicon strategy is clear

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What platforms know — but don’t tell us — about the war on Ukraine

CrowdTangle’s co-founder on social networks’ responsibility to open up

Screw it, the rectangles are back

In the Mac Studio, USB-A makes a triumphant return

The Mac Studio’s ports are a step back in all the right ways

USB-C just isn’t enough

5G’s false start is over and the iPhone SE proves it

Apple built an iPhone without millimeter wave, and it matters

The iPhone SE’s $30 price bump looks like a pure 5G tax

The era of the $400 iPhone is over

The 5G iPhone SE will be for carriers, not customers

Tech’s cult of thinness needs to come to an end

It’s time to stop sacrificing great products at the altar of thin

A heartfelt farewell from Dieter Bohn

The Steam Deck’s FSR vividly shows why a Nintendo Switch Pro would rule

Hear me out: browser tabs in music player apps

Gee, I wonder how Apple Podcasts suddenly became a five-star app

Three things Web3 should fix in 2022

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The trials and tribulations of turning a real camera into a webcam

A mirrorless camera should just work; it did not