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The video call revolution is dead

All we actually got was slightly better video chat.

The Verge
I’m slightly pissed at NACS.

My heart was set on a Hyundai Ioniq 5 this year. But it looks like the industry may turn against its industry-standard CCS charging plug — in favor of Tesla’s fake-it-till-you-make-it “North American Charging Standard,” aka NACS. Ford is switching, Hyundai is considering it, and just today Polestar and Electrify America joined the Tesla bandwagon.

The Ioniq would be a $50K investment — I didn’t have range anxiety about that before, but I do now! Yes, CCS will be around for a while yet, but I’m still annoyed that today’s non-Tesla EVs no longer look futureproof.

Why don’t the iPhone Pro models come in fun colors?

I get that the Pro is for ‘professionals,’ but you can be a pro who likes vibrant colors. Are we really gonna call this phone purple?