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2020 election

The biggest test of an idea is whether someone will vote for it. Whether it’s data privacy or net neutrality, nearly every policy will be tested in the 2020 campaign — not just by candidates but also in the thousands of smaller conversations taking place in the run-up to Election Day. Issues like climate change and antitrust will be taking center stage for the first time in generations as former Vice President Joe Biden squares off against President Donald Trump. At the same time, tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook will be doing their best to stay out of the crossfire, even as their platforms become the central battlegrounds in the new digital ad race and foreign actors look to influence the conversation with hidden ads and false-flag campaigns. It’s going to be a wild ride, and we’ll be tracking every twist and turn right here.

Larry Ellison was on a call with Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham to discuss overturning election results

Newsmax apologizes to employee of Dominion Voting Systems over false election accusations

MyPillow CEO’s free speech social network will ban posts that take the Lord’s name in vain

How YouTube failed the 2020 election test

Dominion sues former Trump lawyer over voting machine conspiracy theory

Republican operatives sidestep Facebook policies ahead of Georgia runoff

Trump’s fight to overthrow election now falls to the guy who invented the CueCat

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The most important law for online speech

Facebook rolls back ‘nicer’ News Feed that boosted mainstream publishers

Voting machine company demands retractions over conservative media’s ‘disinformation’

YouTube will now remove videos disputing Joe Biden’s election victory

Ossoff campaign turns to TikTok and Snapchat ahead of special election

Twitter, Facebook will transfer presidential accounts to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day

Even if Trump doesn’t concede

Biden transition team forced to build its own cybersecurity protections

Facebook still has hundreds of ‘Stop the Steal’ groups despite earlier crackdown

President Trump has fired the official in charge of election cybersecurity

‘No evidence’ voting in the US ‘was in any way compromised,’ says Department of Homeland Security

Facebook removes election misinformation pages tied to Steve Bannon

Why the 2020 election will never end on social networks

Parler, a conservative Twitter clone, has seen nearly 1 million downloads since Election Day

Count Every Vote got its power from the Black Lives Matter movement

Having field-tested digital tools was key for Democrats to mobilize people quickly

NASA administrator says he plans to leave position under Biden administration

Facebook says it will put groups on probation for violating its content rules

Trump will lose his Twitter ‘public interest’ protections in January

President Trump is defeated: the timeline is restored

Gray wolves win in historic Colorado election

Social networks solved their 2016 election problems, but their 2020 problems are bigger

‘Stop the Steal’ spreads across the internet after infecting Facebook

Two Vergecast episodes today: election and Xbox

Trump tweets more false election fraud claims, gets restricted again

Facebook will announce presidential election result in Facebook and Instagram notifications

Facebook sees a rise in misinformation as reports warn of incitement