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This act is the biggest step against climate change the US has ever taken

Go read this investigation into major methane leaks in Texas and New Mexico

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The uneven energy costs of working from home

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Teenagers spotted the largest gas pipeline spill in US history

Democratic lawmakers ask federal agencies to crack down on crypto mining

Texas’ fragile grid isn’t ready for crypto mining’s explosive growth

Bitcoin mining could bring higher electricity bills and more pollution to Texas

Tesla asks Texans to avoid charging their EVs during peak times because of the heatwave

Texas heatwave and energy crunch curtails Bitcoin mining

Dead solar panels are about to become a lot more valuable

Mining the deep sea for battery materials will be dangerously noisy, study finds

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New York denies air permit to Bitcoin mining power plant

Construction begins on ‘Mammoth’ direct air capture plant

Bitcoin’s energy use drops following price plunge

Tesla partners with California utility on virtual power plant

New White House partnership aims to speed construction of offshore wind farms

US Army deploys its first floating solar array

What Bitcoin’s nosedive means for the environment

Lightyear says its $263,000 solar-powered car will go into production later this year

New research points to bad math behind corporate renewable energy claims

‘H2Hubs’ will fuel American hydrogen production in $8 billion program

President Joe Biden will pause solar tariffs and invoke Defense Production Act for clean energy

New York lawmakers pass a moratorium on Bitcoin mining

Extreme drought could cost California half its hydroelectric power this summer

The US has fallen way behind on climate goals

More accurate wind forecasts can save Americans millions in energy costs

The Department of Energy to dole out $3.5 billion for carbon removal hubs

Why fossil fuel companies see green in Bitcoin mining projects

Department of Energy boosts domestic battery supply chain with billions in funding