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The Verge’s entertainment section collects the latest news from the worlds of pop culture, music, movies, television, and video games. Whether you want to know what to watch on Netflix or how to make the most of your streaming service budget, the entertainment section acts a reliable source. There’s simply too much to read, watch, hear, and play. Let us be your tour guide.

The heatsink may finally have a much more svelte competitor

The stunts don’t stop in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning’s first trailer

Take-Two has officially acquired Zynga

Samsung’s 240Hz 4K Mini LED 32-inch monitor goes on sale for $1,500

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The Verge’s 2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Get Dad a killer gift

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Stranger Things 4 cranks everything up way past eleven

Stranger Things 4 rolls the dice on demons and satanic panic

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Apple TV’s Prehistoric Planet looks so good it feels like a real nature documentary

Finally, some feathered dinos are ready for their close-up

Corsair’s first-ever gaming laptop has a touch bar

AMD believes it can build a better cheap laptop with 10 hours of battery

Dota 2’s The International will take place in Southeast Asia for the first time

Google’s Nest Wifi mesh router bundles are up to $100 off

Halo’s first season is a Flood of bold bets and tangled plot points

Three Thousand Years of Longing’s first trailer is a kaleidoscope of cautionary tales