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The Verge’s entertainment section collects the latest news from the worlds of pop culture, music, movies, television, and video games. Whether you want to know what to watch on Netflix or how to make the most of your streaming service budget, the entertainment section acts a reliable source. There’s simply too much to read, watch, hear, and play. Let us be your tour guide.

Disney+ will fix The Simpsons’ joke-destroying 16:9 aspect ratio starting in 2020

Redbox agrees to stop selling Disney download codes

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s camping is perfectly fluffy

Hulu is raising price of its live TV service to $55 a month

Spotify will now make a road trip playlist for you

Do you know what your “drive vibe” is?

eBay is discounting Nintendo Switch Lite bundles with Pokémon Sword or Shield

Xbox One November Update now available with Google Assistant, new gamertags, and text filters

Here’s how to claim Pikachu and Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield

How Joker’s gritty logo was created with wood type letterpress

Vergecast: Apple releases 16-inch MacBook Pro, Motorola announces a new Razr, and Disney+ launches

Here are the best gaming deals coming soon on Black Friday

Fortnite gets stormtrooper costumes in new Star Wars crossover

Jedi: Fallen Order shows that a good Star Wars game doesn’t have to be original

Taylor Swift provoked fans to go after her rivals and now they’re being doxxed

Xbox chief says Project Scarlett ‘will not be out of position on power or price’

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X019: all the news from Microsoft’s big Xbox event

The Final Fantasy series is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Halo: Reach is coming to PC on December 3rd

All of the Halo games will be available on Steam

Microsoft is cutting prices on Xbox One consoles, controllers, and first-party games for Black Friday

Microsoft to launch xCloud in 2020, with PS4 controllers and PC streaming on the way

Microsoft’s xCloud preview now has 50 new games, more than Stadia’s launch list

Life is Strange developer unveils new mystery game, Tell Me Why

Rare unveils Everwild, a new exclusive game for Xbox and Windows 10

Obsidian’s Grounded is a survival game crossed with Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

How Respawn created its own world within Star Wars for Jedi: Fallen Order

SpongeBob Squarepants spinoff may head to Netflix in new massive deal with Nickelodeon

Apple Music Replay compiles your most-played songs from each year into playlists

Fortnite’s Android installer is now a launcher for Epic mobile games

Disney+ warns viewers about past racism, but not as well as Warner Bros.

Rockstar apologizes for buggy Red Dead Redemption 2 launch on PC

Modes of transportation in The Wizard of Oz, ranked

We must be over the rainbow!

Disney+ surpasses 10 million subscribers on first day

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Spotify’s Magic Leap app will change playlists as you change rooms

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Pokémon Sword and Shield are the best Pokémon games in years

Han Shot First, but leave Lucas’ edits in Star Wars forever

Verizon’s new set-top box is possibly the worst option out there for streaming

Apple in final talks with former HBO visionary who championed Game of Thrones

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Disney+: all the news and updates on Walt Disney’s streaming service