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Screenwriter of 'Gravity' going to Atlantis with 'The Lost City'

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Jonas Cuaron
Jonas Cuaron

Gravity is an undeniable hit, and now one of the film's screenwriters has lined up his next extraordinary adventure: a trip to Atlantis. Variety reports that Jonás Cuarón, son of writer-director Alfonso Cuarón, will be writing The Lost City, a film that is described only as a "new take" on the mythical city. Prolific producer and writer Akiva Goldsman will be producing the film for Warner Bros. alongside Safehouse Pictures.

The new assignment comes as the younger Cuaron's career begins to really take off. Next up he'll be directing Gael Garcia Bernal in Desierto, a thriller about two illegal immigrants who make their way into the US only to find themselves hunted. That project sees father and son working together yet again — Alfonso Cuarón is serving as a producer on Desierto — with shooting scheduled to kick off early next year.