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HBO's 'Entourage' is coming to the big screen

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Entourage (HBO)
Entourage (HBO)

For eight seasons the HBO series Entourage told the story of a fictional Hollywood A-lister and his band of friends — and now a movie is on the way. Deadline reports that a deal has been closed for a big-screen continuation of the series, that will see all of the original cast returning, including Adrian Grenier as star Vincent Chase and Jeremy Piven as the irascible Ari Gold. The Warner Bros. movie is budgeted at a relatively modest $30 million.

Talk of an Entourage movie has been circling since even before the series ended two years ago, and last year Deadline reported that series creator Doug Ellin had finished a script for a feature that would pick up six months after the show's conclusion. Negotiations reportedly stalled out in the intervening months, with the cast members finally starting to close their deals in August of this year. The movie is scheduled to start shooting at the beginning of 2014.