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Syfy wants to turn epic poem 'Beowulf' into a television show

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SyFy network logo
SyFy network logo

Whether it's flying sharks or a Terry Gilliam classic, the Syfy network has demonstrated a diverse range of interests when it comes to original programming — and it's turning to poetry as inspiration for a new series. According to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, the network is developing a television show based on the epic poem Beowulf. To be written by screenwriter Matt Greenberg (1408, the upcoming The Seventh Son), the series is described as a drama that will focus on the poem's eponymous hero and his nemesis, the monster Grendel.

Syfy has tackled the property before with its 2007 TV movie Grendel; that same year filmmaker Robert Zemeckis brought his own adaptation to more mainstream audiences with the animated film Beowulf. The new project is said to be in development so it's not clear when — if at all — we'll eventually see a Beowulf series join Syfy's lineup, but along with other development projects like Bryan Singer's monster drama Creature At Bay it's clear the network isn't afraid of tackling large-scale spectacle when it comes to its shows.