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Horror author Joe Hill is working on a reboot of 'Tales From the Darkside' for the CW

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cw network xbox app
cw network xbox app

The 1980s anthology series Tales From the Darkside may be headed for a second life on the CW. Deadline reports that Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci — the writer-producers behind Fringe, Sleepy Hollow, and the Transformers films, to name just a few — are producing a reboot for the network, which will follow the same half-hour format used by the original program. The plan would be for the new series to run this coming summer, and right now it's being written by horror novelist Joe Hill. The author of books like Heart-Shaped Box and the recent NOS4A2, Hill also happens to be the son of another famous terror icon: Stephen King.

While the CW may appear to be a strange fit at first glance, the former home of Gossip Girl has been balancing genre-inspired programming with lighter offerings for some time. With the new series The Tomorrow People receiving a full season order yesterday — to say nothing of the biopunk take on the The Avenger that's being developed — the trend shows no signs of stopping.