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Anti-cruelty agency downplays animal abuses to cozy up to Hollywood studios

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life of pi 1020
life of pi 1020

The "No Animals Were Harmed" line that studios so proudly present to viewers in film credits can be anything from thoroughly inexact to an outright lie. In a sprawling report in The Hollywood Reporter, internal critics at the American Humane Association came forward to expose the numerous occasions where animals were put in harm's way or even killed on set. The AHA is responsible for monitoring animal safety during productions, but, because of allegedly cozy relationships with studios and executives, AHA reps are encouraged to cast a blind eye on injuries and deaths that may otherwise have been prevented. Such incidents include the 27 animals that perished during the filming of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and even the near drowning of the tiger that played Richard Parker in Life of Pi. As one AHA employee told THR, "The moral compass of the entire place is off the hook."