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Pulp classic 'The Avenger' being revived in biopunk CW series, reports Deadline

Pulp classic 'The Avenger' being revived in biopunk CW series, reports Deadline

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According to Deadline, The CW is currently developing a series based on the classic 1939 pulp magazine "The Avenger." This outing, however, will update the source material and plant it firmly in biopunk territory. Audiences will follow Alice Benson, a young woman who discovers that she has the genetically engineered ability to transform her facial appearance at will after her parents’ murder. Alice will go on to use her newfound powers to investigate their deaths, all while tracking down the reasons for why her body was altered in the first place. Plot details are scarce, and no word was given as to when the series will debut.

It’s interesting, though not entirely unexpected, to see studios picking up on the lure of biohacking in the zeitgeist, especially with science fiction becoming so dominant in recent years. The idea of becoming more than human, whether through technology or genetic enhancement, has already captured the imaginations of underground DIY cyborgs and former military leaders alike.


Meanwhile, the familiar biopunk themes of shadowy corporate intrigue, genetic enhancement, and human experimentation can be all be seen in such recent films as Prometheus, Splice, and even The Amazing Spider-Man. The CW's decision further validates the fact that audiences crave outsized sci-fi stories, and keeps pace with Fox's decision to develop their own android-filled crime drama Almost Human.