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Amazon will stream new Halle Berry sci-fi series four days after episodes air on CBS

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Amazon Press Event
Amazon Press Event

Last year CBS and Amazon struck a deal that brought episodes of the Stephen King adaptation Under the Dome to Amazon Prime Instant Video just four days after they aired, and the companies will be continuing that arrangement with another upcoming summer show. Extant is described as a mystery thriller, and stars Halle Berry as an "astronaut trying to reconnect with her family when she returns after a year in outer space." The series will make its premiere in June.

Much of the focus this past year has been on original streaming programming, but the original Under the Dome deal was a novel hybrid of the old and the new. Subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime usually don't carry new shows until the full season has aired, making them a great option for binge watching but not very helpful if you simply want to catch up on a few episodes you forgot to DVR. With the streaming deal, the series was able to get exposure across multiple platforms to an even broader audience. Under the Dome ended up being a huge summer hit, and the companies renewed that streaming arrangement last September.