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Daft Junk: Jay Z and Daft Punk collaborate on awful unreleased track

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Jay Z and Daft Punk seem to have collaborated on a track that, before now, never saw the light of day. According to Consequence of Sound, Computerized appeared over the weekend, billed as an unreleased track from around the time Tron: Legacy was in production. Pitchfork also confirms the team-up. But after giving it a listen, this track was very clearly left on the cutting room floor — since it's kind of awful.

The track features Jay Z rapping over a beat with clear elements from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, most notably Overture and Son of Flynn. Jay raps about being "cold" in the new age of technology, unable to feel thanks to his Blackberry and nasty texting habit. The problem is that the lyrics — like "I got a iTouch, but I can't feel" — are all pretty bad, nevermind the fact that they're all extremely dated. And the robots, whose presence can normally be felt in a good way, make the song worse with their Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger-esque chanting. In the end, we wish this track stayed unreleased.