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David Fincher may not direct Steve Jobs biopic after all

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While Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs film came and went, the real attention has been on the big-screen adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography of the Apple co-founder. That project may be hitting a speed bump, however: according to The Hollywood Reporter, David Fincher may not direct the project as previously hoped. The disagreement appears to be a matter of money; Fincher is said to be asking for a $10 million upfront fee, which the studio is balking at due to what it sees as the film's relatively niche appeal. "You're not doing Captain America," an unnamed studio source is quoted as saying. "This is quality — it's not screaming commerciality."

Fincher seems an obvious choice for the film, given his exacting aesthetic sensibilities as well as the success he previously had tackling the tech world in The Social Network. Word first leaked out that Fincher was in talks about the film in February, with recent reports naming Christian Bale as his choice to play Jobs. The Reporter does leave open the possibility for Fincher to return to the negotiating table, though it's not clear if it would take Sony meeting his alleged fee to make that happen. In any case, so many details leaking about the negotiations will undoubtedly put pressure on both parties — and with Aaron Sorkin's script expected to take an unconventional approach, the studio will undoubtedly want an accomplished director to bring the film to life.