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The new 'Beverly Hills Cop' is coming to theaters in 2016

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It might seem like Hollywood should be running out of well-worn franchises to reboot, but there's always a new one around the corner — and in a couple of years Beverly Hills Cop will be getting the treatment. Paramount has set a release date of March 25, 2016 for a new entry in the series, and while it's being casually described as a reboot Eddie Murphy will be returning to star as Axel Foley yet again. Director Brett Ratner is expected to helm the project, and while he's a filmmaker with a decidedly uneven track record he did have action-comedy success early in his career with the Rush Hour films. In any case, producer Jerry Bruckheimer — who is also hatching a new Top Gun — is spearheading the project, providing some additional continuity to the series even though Beverly Hills Cop III came out way back in 1994.