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Listen to the best music Deadmau5 has made in years

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Hot off his run in the insane Gumball 3000 road rally, Joel Zimmerman, alias Deadmau5 — one of progressive house's best-known producers — is days away from releasing his latest album. while(12) is his first full studio effort since 2012's ≻ album title goes here , and if the latest single is any indication, it could represent the most exciting work he's done since 2010's 4x4=12.

"Phantoms Can't Hang" is the latest of several tracks from while(12) that Zimmerman has seeded ahead of the album's release, and it's instantly identifiable as classic Deadmau5: gobs of clean synth over a massive prog-house beat that runs a little longer than nine minutes. If you pull out Random Album Title every once in a while, it sounds like you're going to feel right at home here.

while(12) is set for release next Tuesday, June 17th.