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72,000 words on James Bond, as written by the Hulk

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Film Crit Hulk goes deep on the movie series

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Maybe the James Bond movies aren't high art, but they're a large enough part of the pop-culture canon to have inspired some great criticism. Likewise, maybe you don't immediately think of the Hulk as a source for Ebertesque film essays — and yet, Film Crit Hulk is midway through publishing a gargantuan, 25-part, four-day, 72,000-plus-word, all-caps examination of the Bond films. The sheer amount of text, published at Badass Digest, is intimidating to behold, but don't be turned away; there are some lovely musings on the movies. Here's Hulk on the tonal shift at the end of Dr. No: "THEY'VE TAKEN YOU OUT OF BLINDING DARKNESS AND PLUNGED YOU INTO DAYLIGHT."