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R&B star Miguel is coming on strong with three new songs and a video

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Take a sip of 'Coffee' and some new material from Wildheart

R&B dynamo Miguel's getting ready to release his long-awaited third full-length, Wildheart, on June 29th, and he's given listeners a healthy taste of the album this morning by putting five new songs and a new video on YouTube. Two of the tracks, the chunky "Hollywood Dreams" and filthy, languid Kurupt feature "NWA," were released last December as part of the free EP, and the video features a Wale-less version of the album's lead single, "Coffee." But the other three songs — "FLESH," "...goingtohell," and Lenny Kravitz collaboration "face the sun" — are brand new, which means a full half of Wildheart's standard version is now available for your listening pleasure.

Each of the new tracks are imbued with Miguel's intense, detail-oriented sensuality. He's an incredible singer, agile yet powerful, and he uses his voice to generate a level of intimacy that can almost induce claustrophobia. There are a lot of contemporary singers trained to play to crowds, but he can make you feel like the song's for your ears alone. "FLESH" is my favorite of the three new songs, a piece of Prince worship lifted to another plane by amorphous clumps of harmony, an unearthly falsetto climax, and Miguel's lyrical dance between salvation and sin. Wildheart's shaping up to be a worthy successor to 2012's career-making Kaleidoscope Dream, and we'll get to hear the full thing in just a few weeks.