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Emmys 2015: Watch Tatiana Maslany use a metal detector to hunt for stray beans on the red carpet

During the more snoozy middle stretch of the 2015 Emmy Awards, Andy Samberg had the camera cut to the abandoned red carpet to show Tatiana Maslany using a metal detector to hunt for spare change or some stray jewels, for some reason.

But it turned out that she was actually hunting for a can of beans. Tony Hale, who had won an Emmy in the preceding 30 minutes, then appeared with a second metal detector, and became incensed when the can he found had no beans. He tried to steal Tatiana's beans.

Maslany and Hale then had a physical struggle over the can of beans (I think they were actually malted milk balls?).

Just to recap: Tatiana Maslany is nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Drama for the first time for her role on Orphan Black.

Yay, award shows!