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It’s Friday, here are fat baby bears

Babies’ poop has way higher levels of microplastic than adults’

Tiny electronic fliers could float like seeds on the breeze to monitor the environment

Extreme heat prompts new rules to protect US workers

Facebook’s new commitments on climate misinformation miss the point, activists say

These climate stars are among the world’s most ‘influential’ people

Don’t count on resurrected woolly mammoths to combat climate change

Google sets new water goals as droughts worsen

How the largest direct air capture plant will suck CO2 out of the atmosphere

It’s an important test run for the new technology

Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund pledges $150 million to climate justice groups

Activists push to delay most high-profile climate summit since Paris agreement

Floods, fires, and extreme heat: disaster pile-ups are the new norm

What losing Paradise tells us about today’s blazes

New Orleans needs a better backup plan for blackouts

Shape-shifting storms like Ida are cities’ worst nightmare

“Extremely dangerous” Hurricane Ida strengthens dramatically overnight

Go read the harrowing story of the world’s first CO2 pipeline explosion

Rising electricity demand is keeping coal alive

FAA grants could clean up airport emissions

Climate change made Europe’s summer floods worse

In Greece, heatwaves are so bad officials are considering giving them names

Water shortages loom over future semiconductor fabs in Arizona

Drought-choked Colorado River faces an unprecedented water shortage

How drones are changing our view of sharks

Earth just had the hottest month since humans have kept track

Google’s Nest Hubs will warn users about nearby pollution and smoke

Bill Gates wants in on Congress’ big climate infrastructure push

A NASA scientist explains why the weather is becoming more extreme

New report reveals how the climate crisis is supercharging extreme weather

It’s the most comprehensive look yet at how humans have already transformed the planet

Fires are growing worse at night

Amazon launches new resale programs to cut down warehouse waste

Biden wants half of new cars sold in 2030 to be hybrid or all-electric