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Twitter bans ‘misleading’ ads about climate change

What you’re seeing in Google’s Earth Day Doodle

This Earth Day, cut through the corporate climate hype

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The Warehouse Next Door

The warehouse next door

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Wildlife photos are a new treasure trove for AI-driven conservation research

Apple says it’s using more recycled materials than ever before

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Conservation Week

What will we conserve for the future? And what will get left in the dirt?

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How a sustainability scientist uses TikTok to fight climate anxiety with solutions

Alaina Wood discusses her content and how climate doom impacts mental health

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Drones are setting down roots in wildfire-scarred landscapes

Tree-planting efforts get a boost from drones

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Fruit stickers are the scourge of the compost pile

When everything else decays, those little plastic stickers remain

Apple successfully pushes suppliers to use more renewable energy

Stripe, Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, and McKinsey launch new carbon removal initiative

Collapsed Amazon warehouse had construction defects, says family of slain worker

Biden administration green lights fuel that could be dirtier than regular gas

The EPA plans to issue an emergency waiver for E15

You can now tell Alexa to plant a tree