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Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale is a model of longform worldbuilding

The Art of Self-Defense functions like a 20-year anniversary remake of Fight Club

In season 3, Stranger Things’ celebration of ’80s pop culture becomes a political ideology

Since season 1, Jessica Jones has struggled to mix horror with superheroes

The horror movie Ma does Riverdale better than Riverdale

Booksmart intelligently redefines nerds for an era of mainstream nerd culture

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Game of Thrones could be doing so much more with its big dragon metaphor

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Game of Thrones could have taken a page from how Avengers: Endgame handles death

What George R.R. Martin learned from Marvel Comics — and the lessons the company is still teaching

Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet bites into bigots — and not just by analogy

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Game of Thrones is no longer a game of thrones

It doesn’t actually matter whether Batman kills people

Does the ending of Jordan Peele’s Us play fair with the audience?

With the two-part episode Identity, The Orville has matured into serious science fiction

Gender-swapped and race-flipped remakes aren't living up to their potential

Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw is secretly an artist’s fondest power fantasy

The iPhone SE is the best minimalist phone right now

Kids’ movies are ready to escape Amblin’s influence

Star Trek: Discovery’s mansplaining takedown returns to the series’ roots

In 2018, superhero stories doubled down on maintaining the status quo

The biggest thing missing from Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s horror story about a career in games

Why zombies are so hilarious

The TV reboot of Heathers was doomed from the start

Man in the High Castle’s protagonists are helpless in the most Philip K. Dick ways

The Good Place is really about rethinking policing and prisons

How period-tracking apps helped me regain control after going off the pill

The Big Bang Theory is better at portraying geekdom than haters admit

Crazy Rich Asians has survived impossible representation standards

Netflix’s Disenchantment suggests the messy future of princess stories

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Modern horror films are finding their scares in dead phone batteries

How the shared family computer protected us from our worst selves

What James Gunn’s firing says about the rising stakes of social media

Sorry to Bother You gets everything right about the horrors of viral fame