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Verge Favorites

The staffers of The Verge chat about the gear, entertainment, and tools that we use and enjoy on a day-to-day basis, whether it be games, kitchen gadgets, podcasts, work-from-home tech, or the latest streaming videos. These aren't necessarily the best for everyone, but as far as we are concerned, they are really fun, really useful, or both. See if you agree.

Cheap stuff that doesn’t suck

While The Verge’s staff loves to play with expensive folding phones, sometimes it’s the affordable gadgets that really offer satisfaction.

The Verge’s favorite pet tech

Some of the gadgets we use to keep our dogs and cats comfortable, fed, and amused.

Garlic lovers, unite!

We recently published a roundup of some of our best-loved kitchen tools, but what it didn’t include was my absolute favorite: a garlic rocker that not only dices garlic easily, but looks like it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art.

That was listed in last year’s roundup, and because my partner and I use it constantly (and because I just recommended it to another Verge staffer), I thought I’d sneak a mention in.

Garlic rocker / mincer / crusher
Dicing garlic with a piece of design art.
Photo: Joseph Joseph

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