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Verge Favorites

The staffers of The Verge chat about the gear, entertainment, and tools that we use and enjoy on a day-to-day basis, whether it be games, kitchen gadgets, podcasts, work-from-home tech, or the latest streaming videos. These aren't necessarily the best for everyone, but as far as we are concerned, they are really fun, really useful, or both. See if you agree.

The Verge’s favorite ways to relieve stress

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The Verge’s favorite tools to stay organized

Ways that we try to keep our lives in order

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Here are a few Verge favorites that are on sale for Amazon Prime Day

The Verge’s favorite camera gear

The Verge’s favorite summer gear for 2022

Everyone’s heading outside, and here’s what they’re bringing

The Verge’s 24 favorite kitchen gadgets

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Our 14 favorite gadgets and hacks for working at home

From mesh networks to lap desks, here’s how The Verge’s staffers create their workspaces

The Verge’s favorite gadgets for your car

The Verge’s favorite gear for outdoor fun

The Verge’s favorite pet tech

Some of the gadgets we use to keep our dogs and cats comfortable, fed, and amused

The Verge’s favorite non-tech gadgets

Day-to-day items we love to use

The Verge’s favorite audio gear for 2022

We’re still listening, and here’s what we listen with

The Verge’s favorite guilty pleasures

The Verge’s favorite unrealistic gift wishes for 2022

The Verge staff talk about their favorite laptop bags

The Verge’s favorite summer gear for 2021

Everyone’s heading outside, and here’s what they’re bringing

Our favorite pandemic gifts to ourselves

The Verge’s staff remembers how they rewarded themselves for getting through a hard year

The Verge’s favorite music streaming services

Where to find your sounds

This stream has:

Our favorite things: gear, gadgets, and other stuff

The Verge’s favorite fitness devices and apps

How we work out while working at home

The Verge’s favorite audio gear

What’s on your desk, Kaitlin Hatton?

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The Verge’s 10 favorite gadgets that cost less than $50

The Verge’s favorite gaming gear

The Verge’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

23 great gift ideas for your significant other

The Verge’s 17 favorite podcasts of 2020

The Verge’s favorite gadgets of 2020

2020 sucked, but these gadgets did not

The Verge’s favorite gadgets for coffee and tea

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What we listen to while working from home

The Verge’s favorite audio picks, from hip-hop to podcasts to game soundtracks

The Verge’s 10 favorite shows to binge this summer

Staff picks for great series

The Verge’s favorite gadgets and gear for summer

Enjoy the summer season

The Verge’s favorite hobbies to do while stuck at home