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The people who ruined the internet

SEO experts got very rich filling the web full of garbage. But are they to blame, or is Google?

The EV transition trips over its own cord

EV sales are skyrocketing, more than 100 models are on sale, and charging infrastructure is getting better. So why does everything seem so precarious all of a sudden?

Elon Musk’s ‘everything app’ plan for X, in his own words

During an employee all-hands, Musk said that Twitter became X to replace YouTube, LinkedIn, FaceTime, dating apps, and even your bank.

Sam Bankman-Fried didn’t ask where the $8 billion went

His employees told him he ‘should stop asking questions because it was distracting.’

Apple ‘Scary Fast’ Mac launch event: the 4 biggest announcements

Apple’s Mac-heavy product launch event gave us our first look at the M3-equipped iMac and MacBook Pro models.

The best robot vacuum for me is the one I hacked

Robot Vacuums can be privacy nightmares. That is unless you run Valetudo.

Goodbye, Touch Bar, you held incredible promise

The Touch Bar was meant to be the future of computing, but a lack of interest from developers and Apple itself turned it into a mere proof of concept.

AI is on a collision course with music — Reservoir’s Golnar Khosrowshahi thinks there’s a way through

The publisher behind the songwriting copyrights to some of the most popular music ever recorded doesn’t think AI spells doom for the industry.

Apple’s new high-end MacBook Pro comes in black with up to 128GB of RAM

The M3 Pro and M3 Max models ditch space gray for a darker tone and include some serious GPU upgrades on the inside.

Sam Bankman-Fried doesn’t recall

Bankman-Fried gets a shot at his side of the FTX story — then promptly shreds his own credibility with the jury.

Invincible season 2 is a thoughtful step toward a bigger universe

The second season of Amazon’s Invincible series feels plugged right into Hollywood’s current obsession with multiverses, but it’s taking notes directly from its classic comic’s source material.

Your guide to the internet’s most (and least) important moments

Plus, in this week’s Installer: a new Leica camera, Apple Journal, better browsers, and all the sci-fi you’ll ever need.

That’s one pricey subscription

Netflix is at an all-time high. Disney is cracking down on password sharing. And Apple TV Plus has doubled its prices. Will the streaming squeeze ever end?

If you can’t motivate yourself to exercise, try this app

I’ve been using Future Personal Training for over six months, and it’s made me excited about fitness for the first time in years.

Elon Musk’s Twitter, one year later

It’s been a year of personal grudges, harebrained rebrands, and jolting policy shifts. And those aren’t even the worst parts.

Japan’s automakers are keeping sports cars alive in the EV era

The Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo saw the debut of five different electrified sports cars, ranging from production-intent coupes to outrageous concept supercars.

What to expect from Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Mac event

Apple is playing Halloween tricks with this surprise event that will likely include new MacBooks and an iMac — here’s what to expect.

Elon Musk gives X employees one year to replace your bank

‘You won’t need a bank account... it would blow my mind if we don’t have that rolled out by the end of next year.’

Inside X’s first all-hands meeting

Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino addressed X employees together for the first time since renaming the company.

The restaurant nearest Google

Thai Food Near Me, Dentist Near Me, Notary Near Me, Plumber Near Me — businesses across the country picked names meant to outsmart Google Search. Does it actually work?

Killers of the Flower Moon is a devastating snapshot of America’s truth laid bare

Scorsese’s latest demands — not asks — us to witness the horrors the US has wrought upon the Osage Nation and understand some of what it means for Indigenous people to survive in this country today.

Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig on balancing free speech with protecting democracy

After 30 years teaching law, the internet policy legend is as worried as you’d think about AI and TikTok — and he has surprising thoughts about balancing free speech with protecting democracy.

The poster’s guide to the internet of the future

The platform era is ending. Rather than build new Twitters and Facebooks, we can create a stuff-posting system that works better for everybody.

Mario and Spider-Man are both back in a big way

Plus, in this week’s Installer: a new foldable phone contender, a wild crypto documentary, and a bunch of great tech podcasts.

My six-month dive into podcasting’s very chaotic year

The podcast industry faced numerous challenges this year, including layoffs, the end of big celebrity mega deals, and an overall contraction.

Google’s postpandemic ‘reckoning’

Why fresh layoffs inside Google this week signal that more could be on the horizon.

That bad King Kong game was only in development for a year

According to developers who worked on the project, Skull Island: Rise of Kong only had a year’s worth of development time.

Pokémon Sleep helped me catch ’em all — all the z’s, that is

The mobile app isn’t for everyone, but for one insomniac, Pikachu and Snorlax made a big difference.


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OnePlus Open review: right size, wrong price

The OnePlus Open finds a happy medium between the Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 5 size-wise, but it’s too close in price to the incumbent foldables.

Here comes another Netflix price hike

Subscribers to Netflix’s Basic and Premium plans will be paying more, with prices rising to $11.99 and $22.99 per month in the US.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder never stops surprising

The series returns to its side-scrolling roots with a bona fide platforming classic on the Nintendo Switch.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s defense finally woke up

Nishad Singh looks less reliable. Is it enough?

The Meta glassholes have arrived

And they’re not using the device I’d expected.

Sam Bankman-Fried was a bad friend, too

Nishad Singh says he tried to get Bankman-Fried to do the right thing — but he wouldn’t listen.

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo helps keep the classics alive

It was a lot of fun — but these sorts of events are really important, too.

What is Wi-Fi 7 — and do you even need it?

The next generation of Wi-Fi is here, and yes, it’s better than Wi-Fi 6E, but there’s very little reason to go router shopping just yet.

Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 has twice the spider-men, twice the emo fun

The sequel doesn’t change a lot, but it adds some welcome variety to the web-slinging open-world series.