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The Verge’s features pursue rigorous, forward-looking journalism. Here you’ll find our most ambitious, award-winning reporting, profiles, essays, and oral histories across all the intersecting areas we cover, from technology to TV/film, climate change to creators.

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The people who ruined the internet

SEO experts got very rich filling the web full of garbage. But are they to blame, or is Google?

The end of the Googleverse

For two decades, Google Search was the invisible force that determined the ebb and flow of online content. Now, for the first time, its cultural relevance is in question.

Why it’s impossible to compete with Google Search

A couple of ex-Googlers set out to create the search engine of the future. They built something faster, simpler, and ad-free. So how come you’ve never heard of Neeva?

President Joe Biden wanted Gigi Sohn to fix America’s internet — what went wrong?

‘Dark money’ and the never-ending election cycle kept a qualified consumer advocate out of the Federal Communications Commission.

Goodnight Phone

Gina Wynbrandt

Inside the AI Factory

How many humans does it take to make tech seem human? Millions.

The store is for people, but the storefront is for Google’s web crawlers

The SEO arms race has left the web drowning in garbage text, with customers and businesses flailing to find each other.

The Kia Boys will steal your car for clout

A loose collective of teenage car thieves has stolen tens of thousands of Hyundai and Kia vehicles, often posting the results on YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The wild, true story of Chicago’s most infamous police impersonator

The “Kid Cop” duped the PD as a teenager — and that was just the beginning.

How Google tried to fix the web — by taking it over

Google promised to create a better, faster web for media companies with a new standard called AMP. In the end, it ruined the trust publishers had in the internet giant.

The Verge made a beautiful magazine, and you can preorder it now

The Homeland anthology collects some of our most ambitious investigative journalism, with stunning art and photography.

Inside Elon’s ‘extremely hardcore’ Twitter

Twitter’s staff spent years trying to protect the social media site against impulsive billionaires who wanted to use the reach of its platform for their own ends, and then one made himself the CEO.

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Asian America learns how to hit back

The desperate, confused, righteous campaign to stop Asian hate

The SpaceX fans who uprooted their lives and moved to Starbase

Worshippers of Elon Musk have flocked to the middle of nowhere in Texas to watch SpaceX’s attempts to build a space-worthy rocket — and to find friends

There’s no driving test for self-driving cars in the US — but there should be

Would a European-style regulatory system improve safety?

How Twitter’s child porn problem ruined its plans for an OnlyFans competitor

Internal documents and Twitter employees reveal the need for massive investment to remove illegal content — but executives haven’t listened

Zuck turns up the heat

As Meta’s growth slows, Mark Zuckerberg is pushing even harder. Will his employees melt under the pressure?

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Accessibility Week

The hidden history of screen readers

For decades, blind programmers have been creating the tools their community needs

Netflix doesn’t want to hear it anymore

Tech workers at Netflix thought the company would always value their feedback. How naïve.