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No adults in the room

A new lawsuit accuses Daversa of having its own internal problems with workplace harassment and mismanagement

Libertarians built a crypto mecca in Keene, New Hampshire — then feds tore it down

The rise and fall of a Bitcoin empire

How Boosted went bust

An inside look at how the beloved electric skateboard startup fell apart

Can Polestar design a new kind of car company?

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath wants the freedom of an auto startup with the benefits of an established player

The airwaves of Navajo Nation

Airing greivances

India’s healthcare workers are busting misinformation on WhatsApp

The backbone of India’s rural healthcare system is now tasked with beating back COVID-19 myths, one message at a time

The podcasting hype house from hell

How China’s biggest audio platform funded one man’s frat boy dreams

Where did the microchip vaccine conspiracy theory come from anyway?

How an innocuous Reddit thread mutated into a dangerous, viral lie

Heat Listed

Chicago’s predictive policing program told a man he would be involved with a shooting, but it couldn’t determine which side of the gun he would be on. Instead, it made him the victim of a violent crime — twice.

This is a map of America’s broadband problem

A county-by-county look at the broadband gap

Game studio layoffs mean a hellish race against the clock for immigrant developers

When losing a job becomes a deportation risk

Can Clubhouse keep the party going?

Fake laughs, imposters, and scams — behind the invite-only audio app’s most obsessive users

The unsettling surveillance of anti-Asian racism

The rise of assaults on the elderly, captured on security camera footage, raises questions about policing and what really keeps people safe

The NBA tries to make a slam dunk out of NFTs

Top Shot is playing the long game in the NFT craze

How a bruising Microsoft lawsuit fueled the fight for fair pay

After a bruising lawsuit with Microsoft, Katie Moussouris is fighting for fair pay

Mailchimp employees have complained about inequality for years — is anyone listening?

Behind the claims of sexism and racism at Atlanta’s premier tech startup

Some things Jeff Bezos can do with his $193 billion

What do you do with the money, honey? How do you get your kicks?

Cabin pressure

Flight attendants are the face of the airline — and now, they’re pleading with passengers to wear masks

Warning Signal: the messaging app’s new features are causing internal turmoil

The fast-growing encrypted messaging app is making itself increasingly vulnerable to abuse. Current and former employees are sounding the alarm.

Microsoft killed the Zune, but Zune-heads are still here

These fans are keeping Zune enthusiasm alive

Chill imbibes: inside the booming business of relaxation drinks

Taking a dip in the new business of relaxation

Tony Robbins claims he saved his employee from COVID — she says that’s a lie

Now she’s suing him for making it nearly impossible for her to return to work

The Verge’s DNA time capsule for 2020

Not your regular thumb drive

Sex, Lies, and Video Games

Oomba was a startup designed to make a lot of money from the games industry — instead, everyone played each other

The host of Scam Goddess is in for the long con

Meet the man who could lead the GOP’s war on platform moderation

Brendan Carr is next in line to run Trump’s FCC. His first task? Regulating social media.

The 8th Wonder of the World

Three years after its deal with Trump and the Wisconsin GOP, Foxconn’s factory — and the jobs it promised — don’t exist, and they probably never will.

Waymo and Cruise safety drivers face a bleak choice: pandemic or pollution?

The crypto millionaire that acquired BitTorrent—and waded into the trade war

When Chinese millionaire Justin Sun acquired BitTorrent, was he trying to skirt the trade war? Or fly right in the face of it, no matter the cost?

Leaks from internal Facebook meetings show Mark Zuckerberg on his back foot

A summer of the CEO defending his decisions to angry employees

Inside Pinterest, more tales of workplace discrimination

Not a good look for the tech darling

How video chat fuels the American deportation machine

Inside the cruel bureaucracy of ICE’s immigrant detention centers


Recording police brutality: how one snap decision changed this town

We’ve all seen videos of police violence go viral, and some lead to big changes. But what happens to the people filming those videos after they decide to hit record?

Capturing the Police

Recording a moment in American history

The Peace Reporters

The police dressed for war. The people showed up with cameras.

Prisoners at San Quentin are dying from COVID, and help isn’t coming

Prisoners at San Quentin are trapped with COVID. We talked to them

The epic campaign to win Elon Musk’s Tesla factory with memes

Mischief managed

How MSCHF managed to dominate the internet — with fun!

Safe Space