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Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are the newest and fastest-developing type of mobile computer right now. Growing out of the desire to put the largest possible amount of screen inside the user's pocket, they represent the cutting edge of technological innovation, with Samsung and Huawei offering the most notable early examples. A good foldable is one that combines the greater usability and potential of a large-screen tablet with the effortless portability of an everyday smartphone. We can expect foldables and their hinge designs to keep evolving at a breakneck pace, as hardware companies work to figure out exactly how to fold and market this new breed of portable computer.

A (partial) sneak peek at the OnePlus foldable in the flesh.

Unbox Therapy has published an early unboxing of the upcoming device and interviewed CEO Pete Lau. Although the unboxing only gives a limited view of the foldable (OnePlus has plenty more announcements to tease out before launch, after all), it does give a nice look at how flat it’s able to fold shut.

OnePlus’ upcoming foldable might come in October.

At TechCrunch Disrupt on Wednesday, the company announced its new OnePlus Open is releasing “soon,” but leaker Max Jambor is providing some more specific insight: apparently, it will get its full reveal on October 19th, and a release soon after.

OnePlus hinted at the foldable’s name, “Open,” in July. Jambor reported that month that the device had an August release date.

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“The $1,400 device never ran a current version of Android.”

Sick burn from Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo, who points out the Surface Duo is likely the “worst-supported premium Android phone ever” with only two super-late OS updates to its name.

Remember, this is the phone that saw Microsoft Surface boss Panos Panay team up with Google Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer and spend six whole years supposedly getting it right... only to ship a buggy foldable that’ll certainly make our next flops of the decade list.

IFA 2023: the biggest announcements from Europe’s big tech show

From the smart home to foldables, here’s everything being announced in Berlin.

Want to see the inside of the Galaxy Z Fold 5?

iFixit just posted its video teardown — which includes throwing the phone in a bag with a bunch of bright green dust. The Z Fold 5 has an IPX8 rating, meaning it that it’s not rated for dust resistance, so you can imagine what happens with that bright green dust.

Samsung’s older folding devices are getting One UI 5.1.1 starting this month.

The Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 get the update this month, with other Samsung foldables getting it “sequentially,” according to Samsung. One UI 5 Watch is starting to officially roll out, too.

You can read more on Samsung’s website.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4, closed.
Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge
That’s a lot of cameras on Xiaomi’s new foldable.

Founder and CEO Lei Jun has announced a launch date for Xiaomi’s latest foldable, the Mix Fold 3, alongside a short teaser trailer. We’re not expecting the phone to be available outside of China given Xiaomi’s previous foldables, so we’ll have to appreciate its massive four-strong camera bump from afar.

Let’s see how durable these 2023 foldables are.

A YouTuber is livestreaming people repeatedly folding and unfolding two of this year’s biggest releases until they break. The Motorola Razr 40 Plus Ultra broke after just 126,266 folding cycles, but as of this writing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is still going strong at over 330,000. Not bad considering Samsung’s promotional materials say it’s rated for 200,000.

OnePlus would like to remind everyone it’s also doing a foldable.

With all eyes on Samsung’s new foldables yesterday, Oppo subbrand OnePlus couldn’t help itself. “We OPEN when others FOLD,” the brand tweeted, in reference to the rumored name of its foldable. It confirmed its foldable plans in February, when it said it’d be releasing the foldable in the second half of the year.

An unofficial render of the upcoming OnePlus foldable.
An unofficial render of the upcoming OnePlus foldable.
Image: MySmartPrice / OnLeaks
Xiaomi enters the mix for hot foldable summer.

Less than a day after Samsung announced its new foldables, Xiaomi is teasing the Mix Fold 3, which will be announced in China next month with an interesting rear quad-camera setup and Leica branding.

Let this serve as a reminder that a) hot foldable summer is alive and kicking and b) China gets a lot of foldables that never make their way to the West.

A promotional photo showing a foldable phone in shadow.
Image: Xiaomi
I’m not gonna lie; I felt the same way about big phones.

Okay this Galaxy Unpacked video was fun.

It captured well the frustration of phone cords. the excitement of the first cell phones (“I’m calling you from the back of a taxi!”). And the late night talk show-style gag about phablets being too big was spot on and a funny moment to look back on.

It almost swerved into being a little too smug, but I think pulled off staying on this side of the line.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 gets a big little screen upgrade

The Z Flip 5 comes with a much bigger cover screen and more storage, setting it up to take on the Motorola Razr Plus.

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Samsung’s foldables will definitely be lighter and thinner this year.

Samsung mobile business president TM Roh mostly waxes poetic in his pre-Unpacked blog post about human-inspired product design, but also confirms one small detail about the upcoming folding phones: they’ll be thinner and lighter than last year’s models.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 was already appreciably lighter than the Pixel Fold, so that likely gives the Z Fold 5 another advantage over Google’s first foldable. We’ll get all the details soon enough — Unpacked is next Wednesday which is fast approaching.

Here’s what the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s big cover display could look like in action.

A set of images obtained by reliable leaker Roland Quandt and later posted to 9to5Google shows all the ways you might be able to use the upcoming foldable’s cover display.

In addition to the ability to take selfies, it looks like there are also keyboard, calendar, weather, call history, and boarding pass widgets. While the Galaxy Z Flip 4 already offers some of these widgets on its 1.9-inch cover screen, the extra screen real estate on the Z Flip 5 should make them much easier to use.

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A $1100 Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the cheapest way to participate in Hot Foldable Summer.

Look, the Pixel Fold is the new hotness and we know the Z Fold 5 is coming in just a couple weeks, but both of those are going to cost you close to $2,000. Last year’s Z Fold 4, meanwhile, is still an excellent device and with today’s $700 discount, much more attainable than those other folding phones.

Is that the Galaxy Z Flip 5?

This new (and strange) Samsung ad is mostly forgettable, but watch all the way to the end for a potential hint of the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen, which is rumored to be much bigger than before.

Samsung is set to reveal the new phone on July 26th.

Goodness that’s a lot of images of Samsung’s unreleased foldables.

WinFuture has dug up a host of images of Samsung’s unannounced Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 foldables, as well as its Tab S9, which are expected to launch later this month. There’s nothing too surprising in here, given we’ve seen images of both foldables before, but it’s nice being able to see them from (almost) every angle.

Z Flip 5 foldable.


Samsung’s unannounced Z Flip 5.
Image: WinFuture