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What the future of lab-grown meat could look like

You could have your pig and eat it, too!

Blue Apron has realized that we don’t really want to do any work

Chipotle courts the gullible with a crypto game

Now DoorDash will double-check IDs when it’s delivering alcohol

Amazon Prime subscribers now get Grubhub Plus free for a year

How CRISPR rice could help tackle climate change

Taco Bell opens its first ‘Defy’ restaurant that prioritizes ordering via app

The Verge’s 24 favorite kitchen gadgets

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Fruit stickers are the scourge of the compost pile

When everything else decays, those little plastic stickers remain

DoorDash adds cheaper subscription tier for takeaway-hungry students

Data leak from Russian delivery app shows dining habits of the secret police

Master Chief’s chili recipe needs a day one patch

We’re talking about Taco Bell’s new subscription service

Taco Bell had beef with Beyond Meat’s fake carne asada

TikTok Kitchens will bring viral culinary creations to fans

Chipotle hides the assembly line, testing new online-order-only ‘Digital Kitchen’

DoorDash will acquire European delivery company Wolt as it builds a global platform

Go read this story about how online orders are burning out Chipotle workers

McDonald’s is testing the McPlant, a Beyond Meat meatless burger

DoorDash expands alcohol delivery to 20 states, Canada and Australia

Uber’s latest delivery service partnership has drawn the FTC’s attention

Google launches new search tool to help combat food insecurity

The Thermapen One promises to make the best meat thermometer even better

McDonald’s suffers data breach in the US, South Korea, and Taiwan

Instacart adds faster ‘Priority Delivery’ which is sure to cause headaches for delivery workers

Kellogg’s is introducing a cereal robot to make the easiest food to prepare even easier

Impossible Foods eyes schools for new customers

Impossible Foods clears legal battle over the ingredient that makes its meat ‘bleed’

Beefing over beef is a distraction the climate movement can’t afford

Someone deciphered the Ted Lasso shortbread recipe from Apple’s Spring Loaded event

Breadwinner is the new smart sourdough starter tracker of my dreams

The brands are at it again — Taco Bell is hopping on the NFT train