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Formula E

Formula E nearly turned a profit during the pandemic

Formula E will finish its season with six races in Berlin

Audi drops driver for secretly using a ringer to compete in virtual race

Jaguar’s I-Pace racing series will end because of COVID-19

Formula E lost $11.6 million during its fifth season

Formula E launches a virtual racing season, joining NASCAR, F1, IndyCar

Formula E cancels race in China because of the coronavirus outbreak

Tech’s transportation companies keep bending the knee to Saudi Arabia

EV startup NIO sold its Formula E racing team

Formula E’s electric off-road SUV is an absolute unit


Driving Formula E’s game-changing electric racecar

Electric racing series Formula E lost $29 million in its fourth season

Mercedes-Benz reveals its first real all-electric racecar

Extreme E series will race electric cars in climate change-affected areas

The Pope blessed an electric racecar

Audi’s 815-horsepower e-tron concept is a video game car come to life

Jaguar was dead last in electric racing — until it found an EV whisperer

How Formula E’s new electric racecar is going to change the series

Formula E’s wild new racecar makes electric racing look cool

Formula E’s new all-electric racecars look like they flew here from the future

Driverless minivans, electric race cars, and luxury coupes: our favorite rides of 2017

All-electric racing series Formula E kicked out of Montreal

Nissan is joining EV racing series Formula E next year

Jaguar is starting an all-electric SUV racing series

Faraday Future to take a reduced presence in Formula E

Faraday Future may cut its Formula E team to save cash

A trackside look at Formula E's historic weekend in New York City

How to watch Formula E’s championship fight in Montreal this weekend

Porsche quits Le Mans’ top tier to join electric racing series Formula E

Mercedes-Benz joins electric racing series Formula E

Watch Roborace’s self-driving racecar do a full-speed lap

Watch Roborace’s self-driving racecar lap a circuit for the first time ever