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The Forums Are Closing for All New Posts as of 9/25/2020 over 2 years ago Meta Eric Berggren 0
The Verge has turned into Slate with some tech articles sometimes,... over 2 years ago
in Meta by YozMan
Meta YozMan 0
Graphics Issues with Photoshop over 2 years ago PCs Andrew Mclalin 0
Dutch Royal family uses Microsoft Surface Pro devices almost 3 years ago Microsoft Tribe T.E.D. 0
Is this really necessary? almost 3 years ago Meta SpeedVX 3
Homepod about 3 years ago Apple Core Ralphjoeylauren 0
This community still exists - prove me right with an old fashioned... about 3 years ago
in Meta by dnyank2
last reply by mw888
Meta dnyank2 mw888 5
Apple might have just shown a slimmer bezeled iMac? over 3 years ago Apple Core tipoo 0
AirPods Pro and Apple’s accessory strategy moving forward over 3 years ago
in Apple Core by Holmeser
last reply by Holmeser
Apple Core Holmeser Holmeser 4
I wanna buy a Pixel 3 but... (Calling Pixel 3 users) over 3 years ago
in Googleplex by Estegard
last reply by okboy
Googleplex Estegard okboy 3
Cupertino, the good kind of Evil? over 3 years ago Apple Core T.E.D. that peruvian teen 3
iOS 13 isnt that buggy over 3 years ago Apple Core iamjasonc 0
Anyone able to use Walkie Talkie successfully? over 3 years ago Apple Core korhoden 0
Distro recommendation for Netbook over 3 years ago Linux / Open Source tgShoaib Sprawlie 1
I'm really frustrated by this issue I might switch back to iOS over 3 years ago
in Googleplex by ismailx
last reply by rumanuu76
Googleplex ismailx rumanuu76 3
90SOTVF - Wednesday, July 17th over 3 years ago Off-topic / chit-chat Shaun McIlroy Eric Berggren 2
Apple just released this video called "Apple at work"... does anyone... almost 4 years ago
in Apple Core by Buggy3D
last reply by Dr Strange
Apple Core Buggy3D Dr Strange 7
@People still visiting theverge forums after the link was removed... almost 4 years ago
in Meta by Alar's Ashes
last reply by Dr Strange
Meta Alar's Ashes Dr Strange 8
Dear Nilay, Please Add Chapters/Timestamps To The Vergecast! almost 4 years ago
in Meta by thewhitesand
last reply by Kirielson
Meta thewhitesand Kirielson 1
How to make a time machine, some special gadgets, and do special... almost 4 years ago Off-topic / chit-chat Triner Iamokkk 1
*Update 2* Vox Joins Apple News Subscription Service, Verge Paywall... almost 4 years ago
in Meta by renwillis
last reply by Iamokkk
Meta renwillis Iamokkk 10
Android & iOS together almost 4 years ago
in Mobile by Metadave
last reply by Iamokkk
Mobile Metadave Iamokkk 5
How many times will we get to fold a phone? almost 4 years ago Mobile MattHeimiller Childe Roland 1
Galaxy Fold almost 4 years ago Googleplex Ralphjoeylauren Jes Conradsen 7
Samsung and the Brand Identity of the Pill almost 4 years ago
in Mobile by Doge Man
last reply by Greek_Techboy
Mobile Doge Man Greek_Techboy 26