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Subject Forum Posted By Latest Reply Comments
Scariest / most upsetting movie you've ever seen? 4 days ago The Fringe Joshua Topolsky Empyrean Glow 44
HTC 8X- can't set language to En-US, so can't enable Cortana! 4 days ago Microsoft Tribe rollerOrbital rsgx 10
Chrome & Android? (INSIDE INFO) 4 days ago Googleplex XavierMathews pratnala 32
Slowdown on the Lumia 1520 with WP 8.1 Dev Preview 4 days ago Microsoft Tribe marcchambers smandal2 12
"Off The Verge" episode #000 4 days ago Meta jaywontdart Analog Spirit 25
Why isn't there a forum for discussing films? 4 days ago Meta MoreThanLuck TiO2 8
Share your blood moon shots! 4 days ago The Lens m.cah Shaun McIlroy 3
Deleted All Photos on iPad album? 4 days ago Apple Core maxys Slovo4 2
Why Android>>>>iOS ? 4 days ago Googleplex Kapil Agarwal Analog Spirit 52
Favorite Additions to WP 8.1 4 days ago Microsoft Tribe Novi_Homines Boghog 24
Any bugs/glitches with WP 8.1? 4 days ago Microsoft Tribe mzchine gun freshfelicio 48
DEATH TO CORTANA! LONG LIVE CLIPPY!!!!! 4 days ago Microsoft Tribe undisputed n00b Juniorex 3
Android fragmentation doesn't matter... 4 days ago Googleplex SanLorenzo Sir_Brizz 6
The Verge Daily Off-Topic: GIFs and Guitars! (Mon April 14) 4 days ago Off-topic / chit-chat thervp MKEH 30
Trolling with IR blaster enabled phones (HTC One, S4) 4 days ago Googleplex iOS Your Mother Looper423 41
Password saving apps 4 days ago Apple Core Yudi_Oz jlabelle 28
Cortana not being conversational? 4 days ago Microsoft Tribe RunFranks525 brian.aarhus 32
PSA: 1Password is 50% off (Heartbleed sale) 4 days ago Apple Core corsica ian.ryan 10
Cortana & Localisation 5 days ago Microsoft Tribe Zaitt ralexand56 4
Bi-Weekly non-gear thread "Manifesto" (April 7 - April 18) 5 days ago The Lens AwesomeJames minimalist 11
Cortana Q&A 5 days ago Microsoft Tribe pallentx pallentx 6
Trying To Find A Personal Trainer App Like The Galaxy S5 5 days ago Apple Core nevergoodenough ant1pathy 12
Latest iPhone leak, what's your take 5 days ago Apple Core rj88 ant1pathy 48
Project Ara. Haven't we done this before with PC's? 5 days ago Googleplex Ebony & Ivory kashtrey 46
Bad Time to Invest in Surface 2? 5 days ago Microsoft Tribe TheAtom Chefgon 20
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