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How Jurassic Park led to the modernization of dinosaur paleontology

Brave birds run around racetrack to teach us about dinosaurs

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The dinosaur-murdering asteroid maybe also triggered an underwater volcano meltdown

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Jaw fossil discovered in Israel looks human, but it’s much older than it should be

‘Abundant bleeding’ epidemic in 16th-century Mexico might have been Salmonella

This 450-year-old mummy contains the oldest evidence of hepatitis B

Ancient baby’s DNA reveals completely unknown branch of Native American family tree

Ticks drank dinosaur blood before they drank ours, amber fossils show

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What 215 pterosaur eggs can tell us about the lives of these prehistoric flying reptiles

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Sex, disease, and extinction: what ancient DNA tells us about humans and Neanderthals

This 200-million-year-old baby ichthyosaur died with a belly full of squid

What an eight-year-old Neanderthal boy can tell us about how our extinct relatives developed

These adorable gliding mammals lived alongside dinosaurs, fossils reveal

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Prehistoric fossils suggest modern dogs evolved from a single population of wolves

Ancient humans may have been mothers to some Neanderthals earlier than we thought

30-million-year-old whale provides insight into how modern whales began filter feeding

Archaeologists unearth the oldest Homo sapiens ever discovered

Early farmers and hunter-gatherers got it on with each other, study says

A 3.3-million-year-old fossil with a missing rib tells us a lot about human evolution

This ancient whale likely sucked prey into its mouth like a giant vacuum cleaner

Baby dinosaur fossil revealed to be an entirely new species

Ancient human cousin found in South Africa is surprisingly young

Ancient human DNA found in Ice Age caves — even when bones were missing

This fossilized pregnant reptile missed her due date by 240 million years

To figure out how ghost sharks evolved, scientists virtually reconstructed an ancient shark brain