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The Verge’s gaming section brings the latest video game news, reviews of the most exciting releases, and interviews with the industry’s biggest names. We cover everything from PlayStation and Xbox blockbusters, to quirky Nintendo games, to the cool indie gems on PC and Android that you might otherwise miss.

xCloud’s new Clarity Boost promises clearer streams, but it’s only on Edge

Four more gaming PCs you might actually buy for an RTX 3080 Ti, 3070 Ti, or 3060 Ti on Cyber Monday

GOG is losing money and refocusing on ‘handpicked selection of games’

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The best Cyber Monday deals at GameStop

CD Projekt Red promises Cyberpunk 2077’s next-gen update is still ‘on track,’ for real this time

Return to Night City in Q1 2022

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Cyber Monday deals for PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC gaming

Walmart’s PS5 and Xbox Series X restock is live for subscribers (update: sold out)

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The best Cyber Monday deals on accessories for desktop and laptop PCs

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The best Cyber Monday deals under $25

Cheaters are already ruining Halo Infinite multiplayer games

The British Fashion Council launches new award category for Roblox designs

Backbone One gaming controller for the iPhone is $70 today

Amazon has PS5 consoles in stock again (update: sold out)