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The Verge’s gaming section brings the latest video game news, reviews of the most exciting releases, and interviews with the industry’s biggest names. We cover everything from PlayStation and Xbox blockbusters, to quirky Nintendo games, to the cool indie gems on PC and Android that you might otherwise miss.

You can now play the ‘all your base are belong to us’ game on Switch

The Sims 4 High School Years expansion adds a Depop-created ‘virtual thrift store’

EA makes a bad joke, gets relentlessly flamed

The best gaming headset deals you can get right now

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Meet the modder making $20,000 a month bringing the biggest games to VR

Does Luke Ross have another way forward for VR?

You can buy Sega’s Mega Drive Mini 2 flight stick and get it shipped to the US

Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op preview kicks off in July

EA’s ‘pre-pre-pre-alpha’ video of the new Skate still looks pretty great

Pokémon Go developer Niantic is rolling out its Campfire social network

Ron Gilbert won’t post about the new Monkey Island anymore following online abuse

Sega wants to turn Persona into a live-action show or movie

Samsung’s gaming TV hub launches with Xbox, Stadia, and GeForce Now streaming

How one of gaming’s most intimidating genres spawned a legion of hits

The slow-burn rise of the roguelike deckbuilder

The Steam Deck’s best button is its software

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The Playdate’s launch was a unique opportunity for small game developers

Pokémon Go developer Niantic cancels four projects and lays off more than 80 people

Nerf’s Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny is truly gigantic — preorders begin July 7th

Atari is getting a massive historical game collection for its 50th anniversary

From the classic game experts at Digital Eclipse

Blizzard bought the studio behind fantasy battle royale Spellbreak

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Pro gaming tools are helping streamers get paid

Software like Aim Lab and KovaaK’s are key parts of the esports ecosystem

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The game makers who found careers as asset store creators

Once a means of supplementing an income, making assets and tools can now be a full-time gig

Sonic Frontiers developer says it isn’t an open-world game

Sony InZone M9

Sony’s InZone gaming monitors and headsets are for more than just PS5 gamers

It’s the company’s biggest show of faith in the PC platform

Sony has another PlayStation 5 restock you can queue up for right now

Arm’s Immortalis GPU is its first with hardware ray tracing for Android gaming

Apex Legends’ latest update broke controller support on Xbox Series consoles