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Games Review

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is as enjoyable as it is inscrutable

Prepare to spend considerable time and brain power playing this game

As Dusk Falls’ couch co-op makes a middling thriller a lot more memorable

Live A Live is an experimental short story collection disguised as a classic RPG

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Stray improves adventure games by turning you into a cat

A change in perspective is just what the genre needed

Escape Academy is the escape room game you never wanna leave

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Neon White turns you into a demon-hunting speedrunner

Mario Strikers: Battle League makes soccer both simpler and more chaotic

Playing Card Shark actually feels like cheating — in a good way

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Nintendo Switch Sports isn’t a must-own, but it’s a great party game

Your kids will love this — your arms will not

The incredible sci-fi mystery 13 Sentinels is a perfect fit for the Switch

Chrono Cross remains strange and spellbinding in new remaster

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is as sweet and slight as cotton candy

A very joyful game belies a kinda empty one

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is creepy, thrilling, and a game that respects your time

An eerie mix of white knuckle action and quiet exploration

Tunic is a Zelda-style adventure that rekindled my love of strategy guides

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There’s still nothing quite like Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 7 returns to the series’ roots

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Elden Ring is a sprawling fantasy epic so good I don’t want it to end

After 40 hours, I’m just getting started with FromSoftware’s latest release

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Horizon Forbidden West’s incredible world is easy to get lost in

Where most open world games can offer a paralyzing amount of choices, Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t feel too overwhelming

Sifu’s toughest battle is with its own origins

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OlliOlli World captures the essence of skateboarding, and then makes it weird

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus breathes new life into Pokémon

By going back in time, the game moves the series forward

Monster Hunter Rise is better on PC, but something’s missing

Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC just about gets the job done

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Halo Infinite campaign review: playing the hits

Infinite in name, not quite yet in scope

Nintendo’s new Big Brain Academy turns brainteasers into a party game

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is an unsettling and beautiful Radiohead art exhibit

Midnight Protocol is a cyberpunk hacking RPG that cuts out all the filler

Forza Horizon 5 is the best road trip ever

And the best Forza Horizon yet

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a damn good superhero video game

How Alan Wake Remastered strikes a balance between new and old

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Metroid Dread is moody, cryptic, and frequently frustrating

Samus Aran’s new adventure is caught between action and exploration

Lost Judgment is a better sequel with a messy story

I’m split by Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania