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    PlayStation 3D display hands-on: two players, one screen, it works!

    PlayStation 3D display hands-on: two players, one screen, it works!

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    The makeshift dorm room was a bit much (an Animal House poster and pinned up Infamous comics? Really?), but it's clear Sony wants to position its 24-inch, 240Hz PlayStation 3D display as the ideal screen for small spaces. The big draw, though, is its unique two-player mode, where each player sees a different image on the same screen (care of Sony's special multi-use 3D glasses). The specs, charged via micro USB, let you switch between players one and two with just one button up top. They're quite light and fit well — without prescription glasses underneath, at least (we didn't get to test that).

    I'm happy to say it actually works, although not perfectly — there were one or two moments where we saw a faint bit of the "other" screen. There's still some time to tweak the technology, so what concerns us at the moment is what games will support the system. The rep wouldn't name any titles, so we'll have to wait and see (the demo was showing what looked like mockups of Wipeout and MotorStorm). Still, it's not a bad little bundle for $499 with an HDMI cable, a pair of 3D specs (second one costs $69), and Resistance 3. Ports include two HDMI and one component input. It's launching this fall, which according to the rep is probably around October or November. More pictures after the break!

    PlayStation 3D display hands-on: two players, one screen