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    Nyko Zoom renders your Kinect apartment-friendly (video)

    Nyko Zoom renders your Kinect apartment-friendly (video)

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    Think of it as goggles for your Microsoft Kinect. Equipped with wide angle lenses, the Nyko Zoom simply attaches to your Xbox 360 peripheral and promises you can stand "up to 40 percent closer" (and a bit wider out) from the sensor. We got a chance to check out Nyko's Kinect specs on the show floor, and sure enough, we were at an optimal distance just over arm's length away from the system. The tradeoff is that you have to stand closer — the two-player Zoom distance is just about the same as the one-player Kinect, and standing any farther back will render you invisible from the sensor. It's perfect for cramped areas like dorm rooms and anything in Manhattan, and it's due out August 16th for $29.99. Video after the break!

    Nyko Zoom Kinect add-on pictures